SANTA ANA (CBSLA)  —   It was a lovely — and many think lucky — day to get married.

County Clerk offices around the Southland were packed with couples looking for that little extra on their special day.

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As CBS2’s Laurie Perez reports, couples chose 8-18-18 for a variety of reasons.

The County Clerk’s office in Santa Ana was a vision in white Saturday. And very busy.

“We’re a little stitious,” says Carly Rorem.

“A little, not super,” said her groom Michael Bautista.

Perez was looking for the scoop from all the lovebirds — in Asian culture the number 8 is a symbol of luck and prosperity. In Jewish culture, it’s a sign of life.

For Andrea Campbell, the reasons were more numeric.

“It’s the same way forward and backwards, and if you turn it sideways it’s infinity over infinity over infinity.”

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Perez says she also met many couples who just picked the date without any numeric significance. That doesn’t mean they still didn’t take it as a sign.

“In Hebrew 888 is a special number for new beginnings and marriage is a new beginning for everyone. So I think 888 is a perfect representation of that,” said Raul Ayala, standing beside new wife Lauren Englant.

Orange County Clerk/Recorder Hugh Nguyen started planning for the big day months ago. He’s been through special dates before and expected to process 200 licenses and 150 civil ceremonies today — about 50 more of each than a typical Saturday.

“We’ve seen 12-13-14, 12-12-12,” says Nguyen.  “Beside our Valentine’s, those combination dates are the busiest time for us.”

If the power of 8 is true and brings good luck, perhaps no one could use that more this day than Lindsay Hoskins.

“I’m actually a three-time cancer survivor and then I just recently lost my dad, in May 11th of this year,” Hoskins said.

She and husband-to-be Cesar Ramirez were unaware of the significance of the date but you better believe they will take it.

“I’m glad to have her,” says Ramirez, “She’s a fighter, I love her to death.”

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