NEWPORT BEACH (CBSLA) — Usually the only waves people in Newport Beach talk about are the ones at the beach, but a recent crime wave has people in that area worried.

From home break-ins to car burglaries and the homeless explosion, those who live along the affluent Gold Coast in Newport Beach are fed up and they voiced their concerns Wednesday night at a community meeting.

“I was burglarized by people who were working on construction sites,” said Greg Bloom. “It’s getting worse and worse every week.”

A highway sign warning to lock cars and homes is an ominous reminder as hundreds showed up for the community meeting to hear the reason for the burglary crime wave.

Police encouraged homeowners to use motion sensor lights, lock doors and windows and use lights on timers.

“The more we know, the better we can protect our homes,” said Deborah Anderson.

But Donna Folger says motion sensors and locked doors and windows didn’t help her.

Earlier this summer, four guys in hoodies broke into her home around 9 o’clock at night while she was sleeping.

“When they opened the door, screaming like a maniac,” said Folger.

The robbers took off with $35,000 in jewelry. They apparently cased her new home online and did a video walk through on a real estate site.

She says she was disappointed Wednesday night’s meeting didn’t create any solutions.

“There was a crime. Not even brought up by anybody,” said Folger.

Bloom is frustrated police can’t do more to stop the influx of homeless who he says are breaking into cars and acting erratically.

“Very frustrated. We spend a lot of money here in taxes,” said Bloom. “Tied to the homeless. We see them. We call the police and nothing happens.”


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