SOUTH LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – An FBI agent was wounded, but is expected to survive, following a shooting in a motel parking lot Tuesday morning in South Los Angeles in which a murder suspect was killed.


The shooting occurred during a surveillance operation at around 11 a.m. outside the Central Inn, located at Central Avenue and 41st Street.

Los Angeles police Gang and Narcotics Division detectives, along with an FBI agent, were searching for a man wanted in a murder which had occurred last week, according to LAPD Det. Meghan Aguilar.

The officers came upon the armed suspect in the parking lot of the motel, during which shots were fired. The suspect was killed and the FBI agent was wounded. No names were immediately released.

“They did encounter that suspect in a parking lot, and that suspect was armed with a firearm,” Aguilar said. “There was an officer-involved shooting. In that officer-involved shooting, the FBI agent was struck by gunfire and he’s been transported to a local hospital.”

The agent’s injuries were considered non-life-threatening.

Multiple LAPD officers fired their weapons during the incident. None were hurt. A gun believed to belong to the suspect was recovered at the scene. It is unclear if he opened fire on the officers.

“Until those officers are interviewed, and everyone that was present at the time of the officer-involved shooting is interviewed, I can’t confirm either way,” Aguilar said. “Obviously, it would be reckless for me at this point to say those officers were fired upon, when they haven’t been interviewed yet.”

The suspect was wanted in a South L.A. double-shooting which took place July 31 at about 3 p.m. According to Aguilar, he is suspected of shooting two of his family members during a dispute, killing one of them.

It was unclear if the LAPD officers were wearing body cameras during the shooting.

“We did have LAPD officers that did fire their service weapons today,” Aguilar disclosed. “I don’t know if they were wearing body cams, I’m not sure if those officers, because of their assignment, have been issued body cams yet or are required to wear them.”


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