STUDIO CITY (CBSLA) — A woman was confronted in the streets of Los Angeles for allegedly threatening to call immigration authorities on a woman who was asking for money.

The incident appears to have happened in front of the Eighth & Grand apartment complex in downtown L.A.

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“I cannot believe I just witnessed this s–t in LA! Another racist woman about to call ICE on a poor, immigrant mother trying to get money just to feed herself and her daughter,” the video caption reads. “Shame on this woman! Who is she? Make this go viral! Find this racist piece of s–t!!! #F–kIce!”

In the video posted to Facebook by user Maria J. Navarro, the person recording is heard saying, “Here is a white woman about to call ICE on this poor mother asking for money for her daughter, to feed her daughter.”

The woman being confronted then flips off the woman recording before saying, “She’s from Brazil. She’s from Brazil.”

“I don’t care where she’s from,” the woman recording responds. “Mind your own business. It’s none of your business what she’s doing.”

“It is my business,” the woman replies as she appears to start recording a woman standing holding a child off to the side.

“OK, everyone. Look it, about to call ICE on this poor mother breastfeeding and asking for money. Go ahead,” the woman recording says.

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After some cross-talk, both women accuse each other of harassment.

“Because you’re harassing her,” the woman recorder says.

“Well, she’s not from my country,” the woman responds.

“This isn’t your country. Go back to Europe; that’s where you’re from,” the person recording says as the other woman walks away. “Trying to come to my f—–g country and act like you own s—t.”

“F–k you,” the woman snaps back.

“You’re just about to go viral, lady,” the recorder says before the video ends.

Within just a few hours, the original video was shared more than 3,000 times. The woman was already being compared to “Permit Patty” and “BBQ Becky,” two white, Bay Area women who went viral after calling police on a black girl selling water and two black men barbecuing at a public park, respectively.

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CBSLA has reached out to the woman who posted the video.