COSTA MESA (CBSLA) — Thieves hit an Apple Store in Costa Mesa on Monday night, making off with expensive electronics.

Security video shows a group of men running into the Apple Store.

Seconds later they begin ripping iPads and iPhones off the tables and running without any weapons.

“I don’t understand how you could just swipe $30,000 worth of iPhones. There are so many people in the store,” said shopper Brandon Garcia.

But stunned shoppers barely had time to react.

“It’s surprising they were able to pull something like that off,” said shopper Chris Neal.

The group of men, believed to be in their twenties, ran out with nearly $30,000 in electronics.

The security tape shows an off duty police officer in the front of the store scuffling with the robbers, even getting kicked on the ground as he tried to stop them.

Seconds later, another camera at South Coast Plaza captured the young men running from the Apple Store.

This isn’t the first robbery like it. Recently, across the state a similar group of young men ran into other Apple stores and stole thousands in electronics without ever showing a weapon.

“You kind have to watch your back everywhere you go,” said shopper Kristen Hiller. “It doesn’t matter. Watch your back.”

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  1. Gosh! How did I know without even looking?

  2. “The group of men” “young men”. “young men”
    I see what you did there.

  3. Customer “I don’t understand how you could just swipe $30,000 worth of iPhones.”
    Sheesh, my first thought was: “How hard could that be—isn’t that only about 15 or so items?”

  4. Robert Quinn says:

    Second article in a row. Yup……thought so.

  5. Apple can do much more to protect their devices with cables. They can also put devices in all display computers that explode red dye when they pass the door sensor just like in a bank. It’s their fault that they make it so easy.

  6. Bill Becker says:

    The Antifa generation. They grew up under Obama’s watch praising Trayvon Martin in a hoodie (“he could be my son”), spoking the fires of Ferguson and Baltimore. Beer summit. Encouraging BLM.

  7. Simon Jones says:

    Laws need changed to protect private property with deadly force. Thieving would decrease to about zero.

  8. All of these computers could be easily tracked. But apple won’t because of them being “youths”.

  9. The only reason white or Asian kids won’t try this must be because it will be considered “cultural appropriation.”

    1. A clear case of white supremacy.

  10. Feral savages, Amish? No description so it must be Blacks, which can’t be reported!

  11. Hugh Glass says:

    The group of men my Ass
    frikken jungle bunnies

  12. Iowa Chapman says:

    hello proposition 47 is breading more crime and corruption.. way to go California..

  13. Apple can block the equipment, it’s useless to them.

  14. At least one of them will be a future Democrat candidate for President.

  15. Chief Justice Leo Strine of the Delaware Supreme Court is heading a commission of black history professors, public defenders, diversity officers, ACLU staffers and others to set this right.
    Their mission: Figure out why cops keep arresting, prosecutors keep prosecuting, juries keep convicting, and judges keep sending so many black people to prison for no reason what so ever.

  16. do these idiots know that all those devices are now useless bricks? How come this is not mentioned in the article?

  17. Shannon Stewart says:

    Apple should hide GPS tracking app in all their display phones.

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