Ryan Mayer

The Savannah Bananas are a summer league team that competes in the Coastal Plain League with a roster that features college baseball players from across the country. On Tuesday night, they played host to the Macon Bacon, a similarly delightfully rhyming team name, but the most notable part of the night was the Bananas team attire.

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Yes, you’re seeing that correctly. The team wore kilts as part of their St. Patrick’s Day celebration (a couple months late, but to be fair, the season didn’t start until May 31st) and, in case you thought the kilts were just for the photo opp before the game, the team account provided video evidence that the players were actually playing in the kilts.

Unfortunately, due to inclement weather, the game was postponed after just half an inning of play. But, don’t fret, the team has announced the game will be made up on July 25th and the kilts will be making a return for that night.