LAS VEGAS (CBSLA) — New video shows a Las Vegas police officer firing several shots through his own windshield while chasing down two murder suspects at high speed.

Las Vegas police released the video on Facebook Monday of the officer-involved shooting last Wednesday. The footage was taken from the officer’s body camera.

The video shows the officer driving at high speed, weaving between cars stopped at a red light, asking for assistance from a police helicopter and frantically repeating “shots fired, shots fired” to a dispatcher while pursuing a black SUV. The police cruiser’s siren can also be heard blaring loudly as he describes the suspects and his location, and yells at another police unit to “back up, he’s shooting!”

The officer eventually took out his own handgun with the other hand on the wheel, and begins firing through his windshield, and out of the open driver’s side window at the SUV. The SUV, with its rear and back windows shot out, stops and drifts toward the side of a building, while the officer gets out of his cruiser and continues shooting toward it.

Police say one of the suspects was killed in the gun battle, while the other was wounded but is expected to survive. They were both wanted for murder, according to police.


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