RIVERSIDE (CBSLA) — A father caught on video swinging his young child violently and throwing him during an argument with his girlfriend has been arrested on suspicion of child endangerment, according to police.

The incident happened last Thursday at the Riverwalk Montecito Estates in Riverside. A neighbor’s security camera recorded the argument outside her home.

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“It was horrible to watch,” said Christy Ogden, whose posted the security camera footage on Facebook and took it to Riverside police.

In the video, the man appears to swing the 18-month-old boy around his head violently at one point, then used the child to hit the woman. At another location, the man dropped the child, who then chased after him.

Ogden says she didn’t realize what had happened until she reviewed the footage.

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“Especially since we didn’t know what was going on until after the fact, so it wasn’t like we could have stopped it,” she said.

Ogden gave the video to Riverside police. One officer watched the video, and was so upset by it, he went back to the neighborhood later to look for the suspect, police said. That officer spotted the suspect, now identified as 27-year-old Techhoak Danny Lim, who investigators say admitted to his part in the act.

Lim took the officer to his home so the officer could check on the boy, who was then taken to a hospital and found to only have cuts and bruises.

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The child is now in the custody of his mother. Lim was freed after posting $50,000 bail the day after his arrest.