PASADENA (CBSLA) — A Pasadena couple cried uncle when thousands — maybe hundreds of thousands —  of ants showed up.

“All of sudden there just  were ants everywhere,” said Heidi VanKooten, the Pasadena homeowner.

CBS2’s Greg Mills talked to the VanKootens about their ordeal, one that finally had them call an exterminator when home remedies proved no match for the colony.

The heat apparently caused the ants to look for a cooler place.

“With the heat that we’ve had, the calls increase,” says exterminator Jesse Sheeran.

Sheeran told Mills the ants have become a problem all over. He says he got rid of ants a few blocks from the VanKootens and then they called.

Just yesterday, the couple says they found ants in their pantry.

“We had ants along the baseboard here. Coming in I think from outside,” says Bryce VanKooten.

“The colonies are just exploding right now when the heat comes out. It energizes these guys to go find new territory,” Sheeran says.

He explained to the VanKootens that as he takes care of the colony outside, they won’t be a problem inside. Within five days he guarantees they will all be gone.

They can’t wait. Starting yesterday, they said they were finding ants — too many ants — all everywhere.  And because it was Sunday, they said they really couldn’t call anyone.

They tried home remedies first.

“The Windex works for about 12 hours. That’s what we killed them with,” says Heidi.

“We tried the vinegar and water effect and it didn’t really work that well. We just got vinegar all over our floors,” says Bryce.

That’s when Sheeran finally brought out the real firepower.

But just like relatives who drop in unannounced, Sheeran says the little pests will possibly return. And so will he — when temperatures sizzle next summer.

Mills said he talked to at least three neighbors who said they were experiencing similar ant infestations.

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  1. Thank you Greg Mills and CBS crew for contacting me. I was glad to help Bryce and Heidi remove the ants from their residence. Thank you all for the opportunity! – Jesse Sheeran Owner/Operator of Prolific Pest Control.