(CBS News) — In Annapolis, Maryland, services were held this weekend for three of the five victims of the deadly shooting at the Capital Gazette newspaper. Friends and family paid their respects to Rebecca Smith and Gerald Fishman. And at a memorial Saturday, Wendi Winters was remembered as a passionate reporter and a hero for her actions on that terrible day.

Winters is not only being remembered for her love, faith, family and community while reporting for the Capital Gazette, but also for her final acts the day police say gunman Jarrod Ramos stormed into the newspaper’s newsroom, beginning his killing spree.

Employees, who were inside during the attack, say it was Winters who charged at the gunman and may have saved more lives.

Winters’ coworker, Janel Cooley, who survived the attack told the Capital Gazette that she watched from under her desk as Winters confronted the man using a trash can. Cooley said Winters shouted something like “no, you stop that! And you get out of here!”

Winters’ daughter Montana Geimer spoke about that gruesome day before singing at her mother’s service on Saturday.

“On Thursday, June 28, 2018, there was no song in the world that could’ve captured how I felt,” Geimer said before singing. “Today, even though I am sad and confused and angry and devastated – how can I keep from singing?”

CBS News confirmed Sunday with Winters’ church that she did take part in an active shooter training course just weeks before the shooting rampage that cost her her own life.


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