LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — If you recently updated your Samsung phone or tablet, there’s a chance your device could be sharing your photos without your knowledge.

Reddit users are warning owners of the Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ and Note 8 about a messaging bug that sends images – and in some cases, even the entire contents of a user’s photo gallery – to contacts stored in the user’s phone.

“Last night around 2:30 a.m., my phone sent [my girlfriend] my entire photo gallery over text but there was no record of it on my messages app,” wrote one user. “However, there was record of it on T-Mobile logs.”

“S9s have been sporadically sending the entire contents of one’s gallery to a contact via SMS, and it doesn’t show up on your side,” another user said. “Might be worth checking logs on your carrier’s site, because it happened on my T-Mobile Note 8.”

The issue appears to be linked to Samsung Messages latest update, so the best way to avoid having your pictures shared is to avoid installing the update altogether.

But if you’ve already updated, there is a temporary – but slightly inconvenient – fix: disabling storage permission for Samsung Messages by going to Settings -> Apps -> Samsung Messages -> Permissions -> Storage on your phone.

Just be warned that once you do this, you won’t be able to sends images or video through Samsung’s popular messaging app.

It’s unknown when or whether Samsung will release an update to address the issue.


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