(CBS Local)– Artist Jon McNaughton is well known for making political statements through his paintings, and his latest work is no exception. The new painting featuring President Donald Trump packs a mighty metaphorical punch tied into the current immigration debate and Supreme Court travel ban ruling handed down this week.

Called “Keep America Safe,” the painting shows President Trump holding the key to a lock on a proverbial white picket fence, with the American flag flying high in the background.

“President Trump holds the key to American prosperity for now and future generations,” wrote McNaughton on his website. “If you have a special place worth protecting you always require permission to enter. Weeds crawl the fence and seek to overrun the garden of our beautiful land. This metaphor is the perfect word for those who steal from the American people and choke out the prosperity and safety of the garden of our homeland.

McNaughton also references the plants growing within and outside the fence, pointing out that the so-called “weeds” shouldn’t be allowed to enter the garden being protected by the president.

“A weed cannot be tolerated long before it grows out of control and chokes out the true plant that bears fruit,” he writes. “The only plants that should be allowed in the garden are those which are selected, planted, nurtured, and are properly placed. Otherwise, the garden will fail.”

McNaughton is no stranger to controversy when it comes to his artwork. His painting of President Barack Obama stirred controversy in the past and made national headlines when he depicted the 44th President stepping on the constitution in front of all the other presidents. McNaughton also created another painting of President Obama golfing as clouds of smoke and fire rose up behind him.

He’s created numerous pieces depicting Trump since the president took office, but showing the Republican in a far different light than Obama. One pieces shows Trump embracing an American flag on the field of an NFL stadium, while another one titled “Expose The Truth” depicts the president grabbing Robert Mueller by his tie in front of Congress and holding a magnifying glass up to his face.