MALIBU (CBSLA) —   Although the latest numbers indicate there are now fewer homeless people in Malibu, some locals say the situation in their neighborhoods has only gotten worse.

LA County’s 2018 homeless count found there are 25 fewer homeless people in Malibu as compared to last year — about 150.

Councilman Skylar Peak says it’s thanks to the work of two full-time outreach workers paid through a non-profit by locals.

“They’ve been successful in housing about 30 people since October 2016,” Peak says.

“My experience is it’s not reducing, it’s increasing,” said one local man.

One Malibu resident wasn’t comfortable going on camera, but he told CBS2’s Jo Kwon he believes the homeless population has not only grown, but that’s its grown more violent.

“If you come to the Ralphs here in the evening, sometimes it’s scary,” he said.

The man says homeless people have threatened him while he shops there.

Peak says public safety concerns is what led a homeless meal program at a church to temporarily stop serving meals last year.

“People that were involved in the meal program decided that they were going to pause it and come up with a better plan,” Peak says.

The city wants charitable organizations to take turns hosting meals at the empty LA County Courthouse near the Malibu City Library.

The plan would start every other week and potentially once a week starting in July.

Peak says outreach workers will also be there with security.

“That is what we thought would be a better solution,” Peak says.

While some locals love the idea:

“They really need anything they can get. And any support they can get, I’m for it,” said Luke Campbell, a homeless advocate.

Others say:

“Anything that attracts more homeless to Malibu, I’m troubled by,” said the man who wanted to remain anonymous.

Peak says the point is to help people in need, not increase their numbers.

“Our goal is not to increase the population here. If we find out that that’s happening, then we’re going to have to change what we’re doing.”

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  1. Steve Walser says:

    Lets see, you are going to offer free land to setup your tent near a beautiful beach, several areas where one can get free food, free medical care, some welfare payments and no rousting so I can make my tent good and comfy! Why wouldn’t a rational person see this as a pretty darn good alternative to struggling along trying to maintain a rental household with a mediocre job?
    If one goes homeless near a Southern Cali beach you can spend all day reading, surfing. lounging, do a little begging to buy the extras and generally have a pretty satisfying life. With current rules decriminalizing petty theft and most burglary those with a less ethical bent can make a very good living exploiting the suckers who live around you and actually pay into the system
    Seems to me that it should be no surprise why the homeless population continues to grow. What is surprising is that any middle class and lower single people or couples don’t move to the beach and enjoy the homeless lifestyle. Has to be soooo much easier than fighting to maintain in the increasingly expensive and chaotic California maelstrom.

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