CYPRESS PARK (CBSLA) — LA Metro’s massive lost and found service may help reunite you with your old stuff.

As CBSLA’s Lisa Sigell reports, there are lots of unique items Metro riders leave behind — from kitty litter to skateboards to keys to golf clubs and even a wedding ring.

At LA Metro’s lost and found warehouse in Cypress Park thousands of items are waiting to be reunited with their owners.

“It’s crazy. It’s thousand and thousands of articles a year,” said Vanessa Smith from LA Metro.

If you ride a Metro subway, light rail or bus and you lose something, it ends up at one of two locations. One is a storage just for bicycles.

“We receive hundreds a month,” said Smith.

Most of the bikes are left on the front of buses. People board and forget to grab them.

“And then the bus takes off and the person is like ‘ah, my bike!’, ” said Smith.

LA Metro holds items for 90 days. There is help online and in person to recover them. But less than 20 percent are actually claimed.

“I’m thinking that maybe people don’t know enough about our lost and found,” said Smith.

So whether it’s a bike or a cell phone, kitty litter or a stop sign, don’t feel lost. There’s a chance your item has been found.

Customers needing to find an item can contact LA Metro at (323) 937-8920 or online at


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