LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — County officials Friday announced plans for an “independent third-party” review of election procedures after a roster printing error that left over 118,000 voters’ names off polling place rosters on election day.

The error in the printing of voter rosters was identified on June 5.

According to the county, the printing issue affected the voter rolls at 1,530 of the 4,357 precinct locations. A total of 118,522 voters’ names were omitted from the lists.

“The magnitude of this situation and the impact on public trust and confidence in the elections process is of great concern,” said county registrar Dean Logan. “I believe it is critical to have an independent third-party assessment of the incidents and a comprehensive analysis with reported findings, recommendations and evaluation to bolster the security protocols employed in future elections and to provide a full explanation to our electorate, Board of Supervisors and stakeholders.”

When asked earlier this week whether this could be a recurring problem in November, Logan described it as “a random issue with the print job that ran the paper rosters”, adding it would not affect anyone’s status as a registered voter.

“We apologize for the inconvenience of the provisional ballot; however it will count and we will resolve the issue for November,” said Logan.

To address the issue, county officials will notify provisional voters through letters and by email or automatic phone calls that their provisional ballot was received, processed and counted.

The plan also includes calling in what officials say will be an “independent third-party” to “technically and operationally” identify exactly what occurred and to identify corrective actions.