BOISE (CBS DFW) — Players from an Idaho youth football team used their teamwork off the field after they came across an overturned vehicle on their way back home from a championship tournament.

The Boise Black Knights were on their way home after winning the championship on Memorial Day when they saw a couple in distress at an accident scene near Jordan Valley, Oregon.

The players first pulled a man out of the overturned vehicle and helped him to the side of the road. A woman was stuck in her seat belt, so the players cut it with a knife.

After cutting the seat belt, the players then gathered and raised the car to get the woman out.

The heroic teamwork was captured on video by one of the players, Regan Magill.

“We stopped because we care about others before ourselves. We wanted to know if they were okay. It wasn’t really something we thought about. We just instantly pulled over,” said Magill.

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  1. You gentlemen should all be very proud of yourselves, as is everyone that knows you, I’m sure. God Bless all involved ❤

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