LOS ANGELES (CBSLA)¬† —¬† The houseguest who is a suspect in a triple homicide in Leimert Park was formally charged with the crime Friday.

The DA announced Nancy Amelia Jackson, 55, could face the death penalty in the triple murder of disabled man Phillip White and his elderly parents.

Jackson’s arraignment was postponed but police still held a news conference to talk about a possible motive and the charges Jackson faces.

A family living through triple heartbreak stood beside police Friday. And they want the public to remember 65-year-old Phillip White, his 83-year-old mom, Orsie Carter and her husband, 79-year-old William Carter. His age has also been given as 83.

“They were beautiful, loving, gracious generous people,” said one family member.

Police say Jackson had been down on her luck when White took her in, but she was stealing and using White. Police also believe she wanted to stay in the home at all costs.

And when White’s mother intervened¬† police believe Jackson shot all three of them in White’s Leimert Park home.

Their bodies were found by family members on Tuesday. They believe the three were murdered on Monday.

Of Jackson, police believe she is literally two-faced.

“That smile is nothing but deceiving,” said Capt. Peter Whittingham of the LAPD. “What I saw is pure evil in that individual and that is what she is.”

Police say they found Jackson in Culver City and made the arrest. They won’t go into detail about the case but say the motive likely comes down to greed.

“She had, in my view, determined that she had a good thing [going] and no one was going to get between her and a good thing,” Whittingham said.

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