LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A new luxury hotel in Los Angeles that is already reaching icon status features one room for those who know about the finer things on life, with the price to boot.

The Waldorf Astoria Hotel opened in Beverly Hills less than a year ago, and it’s already giving it’s NYC counterpart a run for it’s money — $20,000 a night, to be exact.

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The 5,000-square-foot suite is so packed with luxury features and goodies, it comes with its own concierge.

“Whatever you need here is here for you,” the hotel’s managing director Peter Bowling told CBS2 News.

CBS2 reporter Peter Daut was lucky to even get to see the room because it has been booked for the last two weeks solid.

“We kept delaying, didn’t we,” Bowling told Daut. “The guest left last night, so we came in very quickly so we could see you this morning.”

“And I moved in very quickly,” quipped Daut.

Bowling showed CBS2 the fresh selection of fruits available and the fridge stocked with every drink you could ever need, and what would a luxury hotel room be without caviar?

It also has its own dining room, gym, grand piano and private movie theater.

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The balcony has panoramic views of L.A., and everything a guest wants is available at the touch of an iPad button.

For the sartorially minded, there is also a walk-in closet probably the size of most one-bedroom apartments in L.A.

The bathroom includes a marble infinity tub.

“I could just soak in the tub all day, I’m good with that,” said Daut.

“We could always prepare your bathtub for you, if you wish,” replied Bowling.

Despite the $20-grand price tag, Bowling said the suite has been booked for weeks at a time.

“I think the longest guest that stayed with us stayed for nine weeks.” That math works out to $1,260,000!

Still, Bowling said the Waldorf Astoria has 119 rooms and 51 suites to suit every need.

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Asked if it was the most luxurious hotel in Los Angeles, Bowling went one further, saying the Waldorf Astoria was “the most beautiful, wonderful hotel in California.” “It’s probably one of the number one hotels in the whole of the United States.”