BURBANK (CBSLA) — Two planes clipped wings Tuesday night at Hollywood Burbank Airport.

The airlines were Delta and United with the Delta plane carrying passengers.

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The Delta plane was coming into the gate after landing from Salt Lake City. Hollywood Burbank Airport was the flight’s final destination.

The plane was coming off the runway, moving slowly, when it clipped a wing on the United aircraft sitting empty at the gate.

Per instructions, the Delta plane stopped immediately.

All the passengers on board were taken off.

One of the passengers told CBSLA’s Elsa Ramon that the pilot told them right after they made contact with the other plane that the other plane parked at the gate, the United plane without passengers, was parked out too far and that the Delta pilot clipped wings with that plane as they were approaching the gate.

“It felt like we hit a body. I said ‘what did we just hit? We actually hit somebody?’ And the guy who was sitting right by the wing looked over and said ‘no we hit that plane. Knocked its wing off.’ And I said ‘oh no. We’re going to be here forever,’ ” said passenger Bernadette Kashdan.

Emergency crews were called to the scene.

The aircraft will sit there until the NTSB arrives for the investigation.

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