LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Two weeks ago a young man held police at bay for 30 minutes and finally jumped off a porch. Police arrested him. He died in custody.

As CBSLA’s Dave Lopez reports, today his family announced they are suing the LAPD. They claim police used excessive force on 20-year-old Jose Chavez including a stun gun and multiple rounds of bean bags.

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“I know he’s always going to be here every step that we take,” said Chavez’s sister. She couldn’t hold back her tears as she talked about her brother and asked the question why did he have to die like this?

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In Spanish his father said his son was a good boy and he simply wants justice.

The attorney for the family said it was all the LAPD’s fault.

“We would not have to be here today if the City of Los Angeles properly trained its police officers,” said attorney Luis Carrillo.

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Carrillo released to the media a video he says was taken by a neighbor across the street. He says it clearly shows in his view the LAPD did not show any restraint.

“They escalated the situation instead of de-escalating the situation,” said Carrillo.

According to police they did not believe Chavez had a gun but that he was armed in some way. No weapon was found.

According to the family, Chavez suffered from asthma and his inhaler was left at the scene. He never had a chance to grab it, according to the attorney, during the standoff.

Cause of death is yet to be released. No comment from the LAPD because of the lawsuit.

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The LAPD does confirm that at least 10 other officers on the scene were wearing body cams and because of the new LAPD policy video from those body cams could be released to the public within 45 days.