TORRANCE (CBSLA)  —  Motorists know lines at the DMV are a given.

As CBS2’s Joy Kwon reports, the always long lines are getting unusually longer.

The DMV is blaming the longer lines on the new I.D. that passengers will need to hop on a domestic flight by fall of 2020.

CBS2’s Jo Kwon spoke to people waiting online. She also has tips on how to avoid the wait.

“I knew I was going to be at the DMV, so I was like I have no plans until closing time,” says Sean Cutting.

He was there to take the written test and he had a two-hour wait.

“Not even inside yet. I can see it [the end of the line],” he said.

The DMV recommends making an appointment to save time — but Cutting says he did that.

“The appointment wasn’t until July something, so I was like well can’t wait that long,” Cutting said.

A man who ditched work Thursday says the line was even worse before opening time.

“The line was totally around the block. It was terrible,” he says.

A DMV spokeswoman confirmed that the long wait times are due to Real I.D. application. You’ll need this I.D. for domestic flights by October 2020 if you don’t have a passport or other valid TSA-approved I.D.

Juan Forteza was near the back of the line.

“I didn’t wait very the long last time. It’s been about a year,” says  Forteza

The DMV says you can also save time by using their online services. You can also renew your vehicle registration at self-serve kiosks inside some DMV locations.

The kiosks are also available in some grocery stores. All you need is your current registration or your registration I.D. number. You scan your information, confirm the info and then enter cash or credit/debit card information. You can even use checks, Kwon reports. There, you will get your registration card and sticker instantaneously.

Kwon watched one man get his done in less than two minutes.

For those waiting in line, you have no choice but to pack a good attitude.

“I was prepared for it,” says Paulette Ray. “So that’s a good thing.”


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