GLENDALE (CBSLA) — Glendale police narcotics detective John Balian was arrested Tuesday at his home on suspicion of lying to federal investigators.

As CBSLA’s Jeff Nguyen reports, in an affidavit investigators say Balian hid ties with the Mexican Mafia and Armenian organized crime in Southern California.

In one excerpt – the affidavit said: “Balian not only knew Hispanic gang members, but Balian texted them, provided pre-paid cellular phones, and met them in person.”

He’s also suspected of tipping off gangsters about planned raids.

In one case an informant described a situation in which Balian offered a tip about an FBI gang sweep — allowing a top target of the Mexican Mafia to get away before agents arrived the next morning.

The affidavit quoted him saying: “Tell your boy Bouncer that he’s the No. 1 on the list for tomorrow.”

Tonight the Glendale police chief said: “The allegations, in and of themselves, do not represent the values of the Glendale Police Department or our community. They also don’t represent the values that our officers display every day in providing service to our community.”

Investigators say that Balian was interviewed several times over a six month period last year. They say he repeatedly lied to them.

Balian is expected in court tomorrow.


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