CAMARILLO (CBSLA) — A day after an angry 18-year-old threw a potentially fatal fit on the freeway, victims of his rampage were surveying the damage done.

On Thursday evening, police received a report of a man intentionally ramming into vehicles in a car.

Authorities later learned Carlos Lozano of Camarillo got in his mother’s car after an argument and struck several cars at their apartment complex on purpose.

A man who wished to remain anonymous told CBS2 News he was attacked by Lozano after he saw the argument with his parents outside the apartment complex on the 700 block of Paseo Camarillo. When he tried to help, he said Lozano threw the car into reverse and hit the gas.

“I had my son […] in the car with me at the time when it had happened,” the man said. “As soon as it happened, I told him to get out. My heart was pumping, and, you know, adrenaline was going.[…] Hit me, knocked me off to the side, and then he took off.”

The incident was far from over, however. Lozano eventually drove back into the complex.

“He turned around and then came back in,” said the father. “That’s when he tried to take his parents out, but he hit the pole. If it wasn’t for that pole, he would have seriously hit them.”

Signs of the first crashes were visible Friday, with new wooden support beams covered in police tape near where Lozano knocked out that metal pole.

Lozano eventually made it out of the complex, hit one car right before getting onto the southbound 101 Freeway, and hit two more cars near the Conejo Grade truck scales.

One of those was the cruiser of a California Highway Patrol officer who was assisting the driver of a stranded car that was also hit.

Neither the officer nor the people hit suffered major injuries.

Lozano remains at the hospital where he is being treated for his injuries. He will be put into custody as soon as he is released.

Police said Thursday Lozano would be charged with at least six counts of assault with a deadly weapon.


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