KOREATOWN (CBSLA) — Over a dozen burglaries in the past year. All in the same neighborhood. All by the same suspect.

As CBSLA’s Randy Paige reports, tonight the LAPD has a clear shot at the person they want behind bars.

The LAPD says video evidence shows the serial burglar is responsible for at least 14 burglaries in the past year — within the same few blocks in Koreatown packed with apartment buildings.

How does he get inside?

“We believe he has a skill set to pick locks,” said LAPD Capt. David Kowalski at a Monday news conference detectives held about the case at LAPD Olympic Division.

Then he grabs as much cash and jewelry he can get his hands on.

“It’s just things that are easily concealable. Things that he can take and get in and out,” said LAPD Lt. Scot Williams.

What separates this burglar from others is his ability to slip into an apartment, take two or three minutes looting the place, then get out without ever running into anyone.

How does he know his victims aren’t home and how has he managed to never get caught in the act?

“It’s scary,” said Anne Kelly who lives in one of the apartment buildings he has targeted. “I heard about a man in the building but we didn’t know who it was.”

Now that she’s seen his picture, she says she doesn’t recognize him but she hopes someone does and calls the police.

He’s believed to be in his 50s with a slight build and he always wears clothes that make him look like he could be a worker in the apartment building.

“That picture of him is very distinct,” said Capt. Kowalski. “He has very distinct physical features. Somebody knows this person.”

If you do, police want to hear from you.


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