LONG BEACH (CBSLA) — The proprietors of a small, Southland chain of pan-Asian restaurants is facing a backlash over the opening of their newest location, but they are taking all the negative hype in stride.

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Eatery Yellow Fever, which has as its motto “asian bowls for your soul,” opened its latest locale Wednesday at the new Whole Foods 365 in Long Beach, and the name rubbed some shoppers the wrong way.

“I was shocked. I find it offensive,” Brin Inks told CBS2 News, adding the name “is basically suggesting that — a sexual connotation towards Asians.”

The reaction was similar on social media, with one person tweeting, “Well, I guess Whole Foods is out of the closet with their racist Asian fetish.”

Another retweet of 365’s photo read, “Today in ‘bad product ideas.'”

Owner Kelly him has run other Yellow Fever locations in Venice and Torrance for years. In fact, CBS2 News featured Kim and her Venice location earlier this month, after the restaurant announced it was going cashless. She said she didn’t face any blowback until she partnered with Whole Foods.

“We’ve been in business for four-and-a-half years; any backlash or any negativity has been almost none,” said Kim.

Outside the shop, some Long Beach residents said they saw both sides of the issue.

“Almost all the people I work with would probably think it was funny and wouldn’t really have a problem with it, yet I know some people might be sensitive to it and find it offensive,” said Martin Waltsak, who told CBS2 he works mostly with Asian people.

“I really don’t find anything too offensive with it, but I guess it could be misconstrued quickly,” echoed Ivan Luna.

Kim told CBS2 that, no matter the controversy, her food speaks for itself, and she hopes critics will try it.

“I hope that once they come in and try our food and see us for who we are and who we’re trying to be, that they’ll realize that they’re picking on the little kid, you know?” chuckled Kim.

Their success so far at the Long Beach location might indicate the larger public sentiment. Kim told CBS2 the new location is outperforming her two older locations by 100 percent.

CBS2 reached out to 365 but had not heard back from them late Friday.

Comments (90)
  1. One would think the problem would be the disease connotation, not any kind of racial/sexual innuendo. But the owners apparently didn’t think that was a problem. People need to chill.

    1. Makes me think of disease….where do you get sexual out of that….am I out of the loop? Maybe I am not hip…oh well. Some people just want to be offended about everything except democrats being offended that their party does not care for them but only for the down trodden to keep them downtrodden to keep themselves in power and be the only party to ever be elected. Yes I brought politics into it. Are you offended? Don’t care. God bless.

      1. LOL, yes you are WAY out of the loop. “Yellow fever” in modern American English is a generally white man who has a “thing” for Asian women. I have “yellow fever” and I find the name to be hilarious and smart.

  2. Jv Hite says:

    In this article Brin Inks says “I was shocked. I find it offensive, …”. Well Brin, are you Asian? I find people like you to belong to two groups of people I find offensive; those who look for reasons to be offended, and especially those who look for opportunities to take offense for others.

    Kelly Kim appears to be Asian so what is your problem? Get over your self-righteous self.

  3. Sexual connotation? It just makes me think of disease.

  4. Ryan Clarke says:

    I look forward to Walmart opening a restaurant in its stores called WhiteTrashVille and when residents of that town complain, every minority should go “We need to stop being so sensitive. People need to chill”

    1. Ah, everyone bow down to Ryan Clarke – as he must be representing “his people” the entire Pacific Rim – actually, he’s probably only interested in some Rims. Why do we care what offends White People? Just like the Supreme Court case against the “Slants”….why can’t people do what they want? Ryan, where do you live? Cali? Funny, not used to seeing so many Snowflakes in Cali, of course….just another sign the global warming isnt the problem….global laming is.

  5. More just plain BS from our liberal friends, they can’t even leave a name alone

  6. Ken Chapel says:

    actually, Ryan the folks would get a good laugh….you don’t see haters like yourself lining up and complaining about Cracker Barrel do you??

  7. Lilith Whyte says:

    Leftist Caucasians love to be offended on the behalf of other races.

  8. Ryan Mouk says:

    What?? People became offended? What an occurrence in this day and age…

  9. Steve Hollar says:

    Just a bunch of snively little, easily offended liberals shopping at Whole Foods. These people are pathetic.

  10. Sam Deakins says:

    How come the ones offended are not the Asians but the effete white pansyassed liberals?

  11. J.r. Burton says:

    “… a sexual connotation towards Asians.” Crawl out of the gutter woman.

  12. Peter York says:

    someone just played with words, like ‘cherry garcia.’

    oh, I have the hots for a steaming bowl: I have ‘yellow fever!’ I get it.

  13. Oh good grief will people in this country please be a little more tolerant and also mind their own da&*#!ed business

  14. So they call themselves Yellow Fever and have young Asian female servers. Obvious marketing ploy. Probably owned/started by Asians. It’s a free country, get over it PC police.

  15. I’m quite tired of hypersensitive people who find any excuse possible to be offended! Wish all these SNOWFLAKES would just melt away,

  16. And who thought this was going to be a good idea? But we are talking about it aren’t we…

  17. It never ceases to amaze me how people can hourly find something new to be offended by.

  18. I plan to open an Indian restaurant chain called Malaria Mumbay

  19. Desi Rosado says:

    Owner is Kelly him? Who edits these?

  20. I wonder if this will affect the rumor that Whole Foods is going to acquire the ‘Pink Taco’ Restaurant chain?

  21. Bob Gwartney says:

    I don’t know anything about the place but I do see the owner’s name is Kim. Is he Asian? If so then shut up. If not then shut up. Our world has way too many people walking around looking for something to be offended by. Seems to me it’s business providing jobs and paying taxes. I would most definitely eat there. Reminds me of the morons in the north west running some burrito trucks/restaurants out of business because the owners weren’t Latino.

  22. Suzanne York says:

    I’m gonna open a soul food restaurant and call it “Brown Sugar”

  23. Eli Toro says:

    These “politically correct” “values” are a bunch of male-cow-manure. If you don’t like the name of a restaurant… DON’T EAT THERE!!!!!

    Quit being so offended — try laughing instead.

  24. This is to be expected at Whole Paycheck — their main product is overpriced Virtue Signaling.

  25. mustcrochet says:

    Makes me think of the movie “Arsenic and Old Lace”. **SPOILER** Whenever the old ladies killed an old man, they get their crazy nephew who thinks he’s Teddy Roosevelt to take the bodies downstairs to bury. They tell him “there’s another yellow fever victim!” I’ll be you dollars to donuts that most people do not think of some kind of sexual connotation when reading “Yellow Fever”. They think of the disease.

  26. Well, now bet there will be an Asian rock band known as the ‘Slants’! Oh, yah! It already exists!

    Years ago the Beatles had a song the Yellow Submarine, and yes we thought it was a filthy term for a sexual act !!!

  27. LOL, the only one’s who are upset are white liberals. Why does anyone even listen to white liberals anymore?

  28. Dang, it is getting to were you can not open your mouth without liberal bigots finding offense about something. Even if you don’t speak, you are like to be called a racist for not openly not agreeing with the hate filled liberals.

  29. Stevan Baker says:

    Why couldn’t the writers of the story and the TV report find some Asian people who were offended??? Maybe because they were too busy getting on with their lives and being successful in the workers paradise that is America??? Also…..how can non Asian white liberals even have an opinion on this…..they aren’t Asian, they haven’t dealt with the discrimination and racism that Asians are no doubt subject to from whatever oligarchy there is that oppresses every downtrodden minority in this country. [Actually the Democrat party, if you didn’t already know] We are constantly told by the feminists that men can’t comment on abortion and other “women’s issues” because they haven’t lived life as a woman….doesn’t that apply here? Seems to me the “virtue signaling” guilt filled white woman on the news story needs to mind her own business and to stop trying to represent the Asian community. A community by the way that seems to hold its own perfectly well.

  30. Julie Britt says:

    The people who are ‘offended’ are the racists, not the Asian owner.

    Deep down in their dark little souls, they think of Asians in this way, and the only way they can publicly express their hatred without condemnation is to virtue signal about how this is really ‘racist’… The irony of white and black millennial liberals pointing at an Asian and claiming she is racist against Asians.

    It’s a catchy and cognitively satisfying wordplay, a good name.

  31. Jerome Barry says:

    First, it was Fuddruckers. Now, Yellow Fever. Soon, Ptomaine Ptavern

  32. Nobody had a problem with the Spike Lee movie “Jungle Fever” or every other rap song dropping “N” bombs. All this was people assuming this restaurant has white ownership because it’s in Whole Foods. Proving once again the left thinks it’s okay to be racially bias towards whites.

  33. gavinwca says:

    We elder Americans do not even recognize our own language anymore, when yellow fever can be misconstrued to mean some type of sexual assault by white people on Asian people. This country especially Kalifornia has gone completely nuts.

  34. Mark Lemmon says:

    “Yellow fever with a side order of diarrhea” is today’s special.

  35. Jim Hudgens says:

    Maybe one day we will evolve as a species to where we are not over sensitive wimps

  36. More fake outrage, spewed by pathetic shut-ins who don’t have the ambition or fortitude to accomplish anything themselves. So they try to ruin someone else’s business.

    Not to mention, of course, that the founder is Oriental and can name her restaurant whatever she wants.

  37. mcnabbster says:

    Why are we submitting to the preferred culture of corporations?

  38. Brian Sparks says:

    So many snowflakes, so little time to laugh at them all!

  39. Hal Slusher says:

    Kind of sad when people spend their time trying to be offended.

  40. Sorry, we are too busy making applications to med school for my Chinese/American/Northern European daughter to worry about such trivia. Sad she can not make application to Universities in the USA.

  41. Mark Johnson says:

    Americans are Pathetic, shallow and have a lot hangups, try focusing on real issues that are facing us !

  42. Uh oh liberal white lady is offended..better shut it down

  43. Its Asian owners named the restaurant. Who are we to judge?

  44. Yellow Fever Restaurants. Yum. What’s next? Syphillis Snackbars? Cholera Coffee Shoppes?

  45. Noah Vaile says:

    Just where ire the lines between indignation, righteous indignation, self-righteous indignation and pure busy-bodiness?

  46. Steve Kratz says:

    So, Asian heritage owner, asian heritage workers, and it’s a bunch of SJW white people that are offended? Grow a damn pair!

  47. Why deny a race’s color? Asian people are proud of their skin color, blacks are proud of theirs, and whites are proud of theirs. Smurfs would be proud to show off their purple colors. The Blueman show shows off the color blue. SJWs…GET OVER IT! Every race has a right to be proud of their own colors, customers, languages, etc. FREEDOM OF SPEECH..God bless it.

  48. Guil Abaya says:

    I will wager the people most (maybe the only ones) offended are white liberal SJW democrats – the farthest removed from the controversy. #WhiteGuilt

  49. Is it racist if you LIKE Asians?

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