VENTURA (CBSLA) – A man stabbed in the neck while sitting with his young daughter on his lap at a Ventura steakhouse Wednesday night has died, and a 49-year-old homeless man was arrested in what’s believed to be a random attack.

According to Ventura police, at about 9:20 p.m. Wednesday, the suspect, identified as Jamal Jackson, entered Aloha Steakhouse, located at 364 S. California St., and stabbed a man in the neck with a knife in what appeared to be a random attack. The victim, later identified as Anthony Mele, was rushed to a hospital with life-threatening wounds, where he underwent surgery. However, authorities confirmed that he died from his injuries Thursday.

Mele was dining with his wife and 5-year-old daughter at the time, police said.  His daughter was sitting in his lap when he was attacked. Mele’s wife and child were not hurt.

Good Samaritans chased the suspect, Jackson, onto the Ventura Promenade, where officers arrived and took him into custody.

Prior to the stabbing, witnesses told police the suspect was waving a knife and threatening people outside the restaurant.

On Thursday afternoon, Mele’s mother posted a picture of her son on Facebook asking for prayers as he was fighting for his life. However, in an updated post Thursday night, she wrote: “Thank you for your prayers — my son Anthony did not make it… just unbelievable.”

Officials are trying to determine if drugs or alcohol played a role in the attack.

Jackson was initially booked in the Ventura County Jail on attempted murder charges, according to inmate records. However, those charges were since upgraded to murder and child endangerment. He is being held on $500,000 bail.

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  1. David Koob says:

    Jamal Jackson. Obviously the name of a white, Christian conservative.

    1. challenger392 says:

      Knives are the 2nd most used weapon in murders in Kaly.. Accordng to CA DOJ stats, .. hands and feet / blunt Objects are numero one.. Guns come in 3rd.. Soo yes.. It’s time for knife control. We need to demand a backgrd check and a 4 day waiting period with a Utility bill to confirm their residence.
      Londonstan now has so many killings with kives that the top doctor there said it will be a bloodbath during the summer.

    2. CL Wilkinson says:

      Yep, I already knew it was a hate crime after reading the names of the perp and victim.

  2. Al Sills says:

    And if someone had called the police PRIOR to the attack based upon this animal’s behavior outside the restaurant (as reported in the article), they would have been branded a racist.

    1. Andy Howe says:

      It someone had called to report him, you are assuming that local law enforcement would have done anything about it.

  3. Who would have thought? A lot of people thought it was a threat but were not allowed to speak. A business that has to worry about losing their life’s work because people are afraid to go there think about it. A whole lot of people have solutions that those in power do not want to see enacted. We are told not to fear some people who look dangerous but should be afraid of a weapon that “looks” dangerous.

    Why does anyone listen to these backward people any more?

  4. Homelessness should be a top priority for CA leadership (oxymoron). It is NOT victimless. #AnthonyMele #KateSteinle

    1. Blacks should be a top priority of CA leadership.

      1. Blacks are the top priority of California leadership…….they get health free insurance and tuition, lots of welfare, free ObamaPhones, reparations soon, and special favors and treatment. What more could they ask for? (Probably plenty.)

  5. California is now a S-Hole Country.

  6. Where are the “Homeless Advocates” when you need them? Probably setting up the next random murder. Thanks libs, your social agenda into hell continues with predictable results.

    1. If we a Southern Californians don’t rise up to this lunacy and grab the bull by the horns and get in the faces of these libturd politicians and Jerry Brown types. Then we reap what we sew. The difference is I’ll be packing heat most of the time…will you? This story is disgusting and I feel so bad for the father and the daughter.

  7. Lisa Marie says:

    Let’s solve this problem the way the stupid liberals would in CA.. WE NEED MORE KNIFE CONTROL LEGISLATION. CALIFORNIA IS ONE GIANT CESSPOOL

  8. If that had been in Texas and this black animal was waving a knife around he would have been shot by someone. Kalifonia, what a shiithole!

  9. Denny Pugh says:

    This is the same state where the progressives are happily preparing to build tiny homes in their backyards to house the homeless correct ??

    1. Susan Bolle says:

      Right..What could possibly go wrong?

  10. Liberals own this Death. Party of death to America.

  11. Eric Jones says:

    I can’t think of any reasons why decent law abiding citizens would want to live in that toilet of a state anymore.

  12. Carl Mayo says:

    why would anyone live in california?
    self-defense is ILLEGAL and murder is LEGAL.
    dangerous thugs are allowed to roam freely.
    california is a s—hole.
    get out while you still can.
    just GET OUT, and leave it to the perverts and weirdos.
    let them kill each other.

  13. here in Oklahoma we have open carry; this wouldnt have happened, since the minute he bum rushed someone he’d get shot.

  14. Lyle Burwell says:

    Investigators will determine whether alcohol or drugs were involved? How about anti-white racism?

  15. the dead guy or his wife should have had handguns… California is a dangerous place now.

  16. This is what happens when these people are indoctrinated with rhetoric claiming that the reason for all that ails them is “racism” by progresso-fascist politicians and their leftist main stream media supporters.

  17. Just another example of “White Privilege ” . . .

    and why was this animal given ANY bond at all???

  18. The vast majority of the homeless have mental health and alcohol issues. Cities that condone the homeless camping out all over the streets share responsibility for these unnecessary deaths. What a horror for the wife.

  19. 2nd time this happened in a week. The other guy was in NY and a homeless guy came into the restaurant and stuck a steak knife into the guys back who was eating there. Both guys in that case were black. They need to build homeless encampments outside of major cities. Make them live in the country until they want to become productive citizens again or they don’t and stay there so people in the cities will be safe.

  20. TJ Pierce says:

    Hm. Maybe if we had still some mental health services for the poor …

  21. until Ca voters get their head out of theiraz and vote Right, liberal socialist CA will continue to support the drug crazed , homeless, illegals and other terrorist groups….all for the sake of equality.
    Equality of what………..that every CA person’s life is miserable?
    Vote Right and move on up the chain of human evolution.

  22. All too common in a City and State run by Democrats.

  23. Gene Easley says:

    Too many rats in the cage makes for some crazy, I recently left California for this reason.

  24. Oh my, I wonder if Black Lives Matter will march abd Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will also come to protest the police arresting this poor Black man who just hates whitey?

  25. Liberals will blame the White guy for taunting the drunk reject by flaunting what being a loving Father and civilized member of society is.

  26. Jim Quinn says:

    Prior to the stabbing, witnesses told police the suspect was waving a knife and threatening people outside the restaurant.. So waving a knife and threating people is not a crime in Cali.

  27. Frank Walker says:

    The Mexicanization of Kalifornia continues apace. Feel so sorry for the daughter and her mom.

  28. another white murder by a black racist,blacks go away!

  29. Herb Rapoza says:

    If there really are FEMA camps, why aren’t they full of people like this?

  30. If someone had called the cops before this “homeless” (what we used to more appropriately call bums or derelicts) psychopath murdered an innocent man, Aloha Steakhouse would have had to shutter its doors for a PR stunt day of diversity training and the manager fired and publicly humiliated as a racist.

    And that poor little girl and the rest of the family will carry this with her for the rest of her life, but hey, diversity is our strength, right?

    Lesson for you all, especially when you’re feeling kind, generous and sympathetic to these societal parasites: give them nothing. Not water, not kindness, not nothing.

  31. rufusvondufus says:

    Why did the police allow the homeless pos to make it back to the station. He did it; kill him now. Don’t waste any more of our money on him. Shoot him now!

  32. rufusvondufus says:

    Bulldoze all the useless into the Pacific!~

  33. Experiment over!
    Time to finish the job and populate Liberia with America’s black problem.

  34. It’s official, Commiefornia is a ___s h i t h o l e.

    It has the illegal alien problem, drug problem, homeless bums problem, s h I t t y roads problem, highest taxes in the union, “sanctuary” state problem, single-party dem dictatorship, black ghettos, oh and did I mention extreme and unreported crime? To reiterate, it’s a ___s h i t h o l e.
    By the way, Wow! This fake news Web site has 24 hidden user trackers! Install an ad blocker now! Ad blockers are free and take less than 3 minutes to download and install. Don’t make Fakebook and Google richer!

      1. Ah yes. Thank you for reminding me! It is better. Totally agree.

  35. Hal Slusher says:

    Shock insane homeless murders father.

  36. These News Agencies around the country are out of their minds! They act like this is random and shocking. This type of random and vicious violence toward whites from blacks, Latinos and Native Americans in the U.S is totally commonplace! This sort of thing happens regularly in places with large “minority populations”. These news agencies need to stop lying to people and stop calling people “racist” for telling the truth.

  37. Peter York says:

    thanks, democrats, for pitching these poor broken people out onto the sidewalk to fend for themselves, as they did my schizophrenic brother so he could enjoy 20 years of nighttime beatings, arrests for stolen car joy rides, smashing my parents’ home & lives…


    1. Reagan closed the mental hospitals. Republicans are too cheap to pay for anything, and they let developers fleece society at will. Yeah, you guys have ALL the answers.

  38. Black Knives Matter…

  39. I predict there will be more senseless attacks as the homeless become desperate for some form of shelter, even if it means incarceration.

  40. A good thing California has strict gun control laws…….so much better that the young daughter saw her father knifed to death, rather than shot to death, in front of her eyes.

  41. John Jupiter says:

    Tiggers are always dangerous

  42. Septua Jes says:

    Blacks and whites simply should not live in the same societies or nations…

  43. Frank Ch. Eigler says:

    In a more civilized place, that knife-waving animal would have been put down by an upstanding citizen, were they not effectively disarmed by the city & state governments.

  44. David Zink says:

    This article went so far out of the way NOT to mention Name or Race of the perpetrator. Wonder why. /sarc When you welcome and encourage the homeless………….. What happens to the democratic party when this goes too far and California votes Republican?

  45. Larry Smith says:

    Thank a liberal politician for this man’s death! Same as when an illegal kills someone!!

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