LAWNDALE (CBSLA) — There is outrage in a Southland neighborhood tonight after someone spray-painted a racial slur on the home of a black family.

It happened in Lawndale and now police are searching for the culprit.

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The vile message of hate reads expletive and then the N word.

CBSLA’s Tom Wait interviewed the victim, a woman who lives in the home with her 3-year-old daughter.

She says that not only did the vandals tag her wall, they also broke her window by throwing a paint can through it.

“I heard a noise. Like glass breaking. And someone had threw something through my window,” said the victim, who didn’t want to be identified.

The victim says it was about 10 at night a couple of evenings ago when it happened.

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“A bit scared but I’ve been living here a long time so hopefully it’s just one incident,” said the victim.

The graffiti was quickly painted over. Her young daughter did not see the message.

“My daughter is very small so I’m very thankful that she’s not aware of it,” said the victim.

Neighbors in the area of Firmona and 156th Street were disgusted by what happened. It is a diverse neighborhood but there are issues with gangs.

“It is awful. We’ve lived here for many years. We are Hispanic. Having racial comments, even graffiti on the wall like that, is pretty bad,” said a neighbor.

“They don’t care about other people,” said the victim. “Basically everybody wants to get up and go to work and take care of their family and come home and live their life.”

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The sheriff’s department said their hate crimes unit is now investigating this case.