STUDIO CITY (CBSLA) — Are you tired of the mess and and hassle of mixing ketchup and mayonnaise all on your own? Then “mayochup” just might be for you.

Infomercial-speak notwithstanding, yes, food giant Heinz wants to know if you want the condiment combo carried at your local grocery store.

The company put out a Twitter poll this week saying if they received half a million “yes” votes, they would release the product to “you saucy Americans.”

The “Pass the Heinz Mayochup” option led “Nah, I’ll make my own” votes by 10 percentage points Thursday. By our calculations, the “yeas” have it so far at a little over 358,000 votes ahead of the (mayo)”nays.”

Immediately, some familiar with the concoction by a different name got the hashtag #frysauce going. Big ‘Tato even threw itself into the fry fray.

And whether Americans like it or not, the condiment is already available in the Middle East, according to CBS Pittsburgh.

The announcement is the latest to shake-up in the condiment world this year. In March, a Kickstarter campaign surpassed its $15,000 goal to create an “all-natural, no-mess ‘slice’ of ketchup.”


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