MONTEBELLO (CBSLA) — A violent confrontation on a city bus today in Montebello.

As CBSLA’s Dave Lopez reports, the trouble started when a passenger in a wheelchair asked another man for some space so he could get off the bus.

The incident occurred at 12:40 p.m. when the bus was headed down Whittier Boulevard and stopped just past Gerhart.

Suddenly a man in a wheelchair was being hit by a man on the bus.

The bus driver called 911 and tried to stop the fight.

Passengers scrambled off the bus. One called 911. So did Lopez.

The man was cursing and screaming at the top of his lungs.

The man in the wheelchair was bleeding.

Off the bus he was still screaming.

The incident happened on the same bus line, same route and same corner where on Monday morning an East LA College student was critically wounded in a stabbing attack.

The stabber is still on the loose and so is the man from today’s confrontation.

It took 20 minutes for the sheriff’s deputies to arrive but by then the man was gone and still hasn’t been found.

The man in the wheelchair was treated on scene, transported to another bus and left.

Comments (37)
  1. Maggot should die screaming alone in the dark

  2. J.r. Burton says:

    We’re coming unraveled at the seams.

    1. The legal system today prevents that sob from getting the beat down that he so deserves. If any real man stood up to him and laid him out, the sob would find a lawyer to sue or the courts would determine the protector was in the wrong and send HIM to jail. Even if the loud mouth took a swing first, it’s still OFF TO THE COURTS WITH YOU! Either way, the cost to get involved would be tremendous.

      Finally, it’s been mentioned before, but the police are NOT there to protect you because they can’t be right by your side waiting for something that might happen. It’s impossible. We need to never lose our right to self defense and the legal system needs to allow for good Samaritans to intervene without fear of getting sued or fined.

  3. Read the book of Revelation in the Bible and you will understand how all this horrible stuff is happening!! Trumpsters don’t do it, leftist do it!

  4. Steve Goshel says:

    Cops arrived 20 minutes later? LOL! Just try taking our guns away!

    1. When Seconds Count, Police are Only 20 Minutes Away..!

    1. Why do you need a description? They have him on video.

  5. tngilmer says:

    Remember, when seconds count the police are only minutes away.

    1. That was my first thought tngilmer. Our society if coming apart, and they want to remove our right to self defense.

      1. It’s called culling the herd. Cops today just count the bodies and sweep up.

  6. 20 min for the police to respond. That is why people need to carry a gun for self defense.

  7. Great police work. Were they recruited from Broward County? Perhaps they were taking a bus to the crime scene, or walking. LA’s finest. Should have called it in as a cop being assaulted. They would have been there in seconds but someone innocent probably would have been shot.

  8. Steve Hardy says:

    The bus driver did an outstanding job of de-escalating the situation and protecting his riders without engaging a clearly disturbed individual. He did everything correctly by not allowing the situation to get out of hand and having more people injured. Great Job! The police, on the other hand, did not do their job at all.

  9. Count on the police to arrive AFTER the whole thing is over. Great.

    1. LEO’s arrive 20 minutes later…..Can you blame them….this kind of confrontation is a lose/lose for police attempting an intervention.

  10. Walker Price says:

    Liberals don’t want anybody to be able to defend themselves.
    That’s the cop’s job.
    They have the guns, after all.
    You see the failure of liberalism and why Twitter and Facebook and Google don’t want reasonable comments like this from conservatives?
    That’s racist, after all.
    Our country is doomed.
    We’ve lost it.

    1. Why give up so easy? This country is worth the fight. Lets “NOT” just give it to the left. They are the enemy…more so than Russia, North Korea etc…..

  11. Drug crazed californicators. Hurry and Please secede.

  12. Thank goodness the wheelchair guy and the guy who got stabbed didn’t have a concealed gun….otherwise, somebody could have gotten hurt!

  13. Gi Gene says:

    Crime has no deterrent in America anymore. You can run somebody over in your car but if you have the excuse that you were drunk you will be sentenced to two years. If you rob someone and shoot them you will get out in 4 years. The penal system is a joke. I recommend a Diamond Back 9 – mm. Semi-automatic, then maybe justice will be done. The Liberal Democrats have flushed our Country down a toilet.p

  14. This would not happen on OCTA, they charge too much to ride.

  15. 20 minutes to respond ? Not in my state two seconds he would be dead.

  16. Some people dop have this phobia or being touched , these seems to be the case here. But then again we don’t know where this guy in wheelchair touched him. This could have been a reply to a sexual assault. The whole incident is not shown or known.

  17. Mental patient transient with huge moobs.

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