"There's a message in it that says don't give up, just don't give up," said the survivor.

MONTECITO (CBSLA) — “It’s a tiny miracle with a big lesson,” said Mari Mitchel after her wedding ring and other treasured possessions were found three months after the Montecito mudslides.

Mitchel had placed her ring, a pendant, and other valuables in a small pouch for safekeeping ahead of the Jan. 9th storm.

Though she and her husband survived the disaster, their home was hit by a wall of mud and was damaged. And the bag along with most of their valuables were washed away.

But recently, Ann Burgard, a general contractor, came across that same bag while sifting through dirt.

The lesson in all of it:

“There’s a message in it that says don’t give up, just don’t give up, even if it’s a little thing and it seems impossible, don’t give up,” Mitchel told Alys Martinez, a general assignment reporter for a local affiliate.


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