HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBSLA) — Another Orange County city is joining the fight against sanctuary city status.

The Huntington Beach City Council voted 6 to 1 to sue the state over SB 54 — the Senate bill that would protect undocumented immigrants by limiting the cooperation between local police and ICE agents.

More than 100 people were at the meeting to tell the council they wanted to join the Orange County lawsuit, just days after Los Alamitos became the first city in Orange County to leave their sanctuary city status behind.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher could barely be heard over the hecklers.

“I am very proud of the USA,” said Rohrabacher. “I would suggest that those who advocate for sanctuary states are betraying the American people.”

Some argued fighting its sanctuary status will waste Huntington Beach city money in legal battles, while others argued it goes against the Golden Rule.

“Love your neighbor as yourself,” said one citizen. “It does not say love your neighbor if that person holds citizenship in your country.”

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  1. I’m so proud of Huntington Beach. FALSE compassion has been preached and by stealth we have nearly lost our freedoms. It’s a game of manipulation.

  2. Chip Ramsey says:

    Will they also protect people that don’t pay their taxes and not enforce traffic laws.Idiots!

  3. Maria Lucia says:

    This is so encouraging to see. Please wake up California before it’s too late.

  4. These illegals hit the tourist hotspots along the beaches. They shoplift stores. They pickpocket tourists. They urinate and defecate openly along the boardwalks, on the beaches and in front of stores at night. They are constantly arrested for those violations along with every other criminal activity you can imagine. Then released within a few hours to repeat. People have been complaining to the city councils about this for decades. The illegals make up 40-60% of all local police arrests. I would find the addresses of these liberals, then bus over the illegals to their door. Tell them they now live with this liberal. Your new neighbor who will love you in many ways you never imagined.

  5. Orange County gets it. To bad rest of Communist California don’t.

  6. My wife recorded Levin’s hosting of Larry Arnn last week and there’s way too much there to cover in a few lines but he did say there are big changes coming to the country through which the cause of liberty will be preserved and extended. I can’t help but wonder how the statists among us will handle that. Maybe we’ll have that limited civil war Pat Buchanan talks so much about. The good guys will win but we’ll pay a heavy price for it.

    1. The cost of Liberty has always been high, but the price of surrendering to liberalism as demonstrated in California is much higher and in time even unbearable but for the wealthy and the very poor.

  7. Ahh, of course. Love thy neighbor! The communists are Christians now. How convenient.

    1. Jesus told individuals to feed and care for the poor, which I’ve found most conservatives do…Liberal progressives tell everyone else to feed and care for the poor using tax money extracted from citizens for that purpose, but my own experience has shown they do little of that themselves…

    2. The so-called Golden Rule is just another example of people picking and choosing scripture and interpreting it out of context. The actual scripture says to love the Lord your God above all others, with all your heart, mind and soul, then to love your neighbor as yourself. So if you love God with your total being, how much are you supposed to love yourself, let alone your neighbor?

      Liberals want to be that they are commanded to love others above themselves and above God. They would be wrong.

    3. Also, the Bible says “Obey the law! If you break any of God’s law, you will go to Hell.” At least HB and OC can’t sent the illegals to burn in hell like God would. LOL

  8. The false flag argument that “one cannot love thy neighbor and support borders” is laughable.

  9. noseitall says:

    Poor Jerry Brown is going down.

  10. Nice to see some common sense finally break out in California. Sadly, it’s too late to save the state from being overrun by the Third World. They come to get freebies from the government.

  11. Sean Smith says:

    The guy with the yarmulke should go protest israel’s wall (which works, by the way) as well as its immigration and citizenship laws. Some how, though, I imagine he’s ok with border security and a sane immigration policy when it comes to israel.

  12. It’s about time the Sheriffs started doing the constitutional duties. People forget or don’t know that sheriffs are bound by upholding the Constitution in a way that the police are not.

  13. This is so great to hear, not all of California has gone crazy! Maybe there is hope for this country afterall

  14. “Love your neighbor as yourself,” said one citizen. “It does not say love your neighbor if that person holds citizenship in your country.” Where does it say that in the constitution or local law you stupid f*ck?

    1. Save thy selves before its too late. The communist progs are straight out of hell.Thank God some people still have a spine out there.

  15. Don McCoy says:

    At some point, in the very near future, armed Americans are going to stop illegal immigration on their own. IF the Feds won’t secure the border…let the People do it themselves.

  16. I may even bring my tourist dollars and start making regular visits again…when I feel it’s safe.

  17. “Thou shalt NOT STEAL!” Thou shalt NOT LIE!” Thou shalt NOT COVET!” “Loving your neighbor as yourself” DOES NOT give ANYONE license to STEAL, LIE, and TO COVET the work and property of “your neighbor!”

  18. “Love your neighbor as yourself,” said one citizen. “It does not say love your neighbor if that person holds citizenship in your country.”

    The scripture also tells you that you should obey all laws, which include the laws of man as well as the Laws of God, the Ten Commandments, as long as those laws do not conflict with the Laws of God, The Ten Commandments. In short, we are to love everyone but do not have to condone or legitimize the breaking of laws that specifically break God’s laws, The Ten Commandments.

    In fact, bearing false witness, lying, and stealing something that doesn’t rightfully belong, or coveting what others have that you would like to have for your own, are sins against God’s Laws found in the Ten Commandments.

    When you speak of the Word of God you are obligated to take all of it into consideration and not just the parts that you personally like to hear.

    I don’t hate people of another race or those who want a better life for themselves. But I will not legitimize or condone illegal activities on the part of anyone to allow illegals to enter and remain in this country illegally. Get legal and there is no problem. Stay illegal and suffer the consequences for your actions. If that is deportment, so be it. I’ll forgive you but you still have to suffer the consequences for your illegal activities.

  19. Good. Pretty soon we will have the central valley LA and SFO surrounded.

  20. Jim Toms says:

    We’ll see if Jerry Brown and the other liberals in California state government care what these unenlightened peasants think.

  21. Trespassers, criminals, thieves, Gangs, all delt with through Law Enforcement. Why cant Illegals with all these same crimes be denied and removed as well. Because Democrats and Liberals want FUTURE voters. ONLY Reason

  22. ““Love your neighbor as yourself”

    That doesn’t apply if it’s illegal for that person to be your neighbor to begin with.

  23. Illegals cost perpetually, each year, forever… a lot more than suing the state.

  24. This is the REAL resistance. Resistance to the fascist regime in Sacramento and the anti-American Demon-crat Party! Well done, HB, and let the movement continue. MAGA!

  25. Mike says:

    Love your neighbor yes, but you don’t need to let them rob you blind.

  26. Don’t mistake that inviting in illegal invaders is anything but a Democrat voter recruitment plan.

  27. “Diversity is our strength – Whites are our weakness”
    – The Democrat Party
    P.S. Ban the 2nd Amendment

  28. Finally, the sensible people of California are speaking out. Keep it up.

  29. We have been fighting for representation and freedom from this corrupt administration for years now! PLEASE HELP! We have officially submitted our declaration to separate as is our right with a Article 3 Section 4 state split.

  30. akramden1 says:

    Well there ya go…

  31. California is lost without common sense. Brown and his political lackeys are all dolts!

  32. Nothing will change until you reject Democrats ruininbg your state. Vote them out of office and KEEP them out!

  33. Mike Herman says:

    California has the government it deserves.

  34. Jolly Roger says:

    The historical ignoramuses and flat-out Marxist liars who use the fact the US is a country of immigrants of course ignores the fact that the previous mass immigration waves that came to this country overwhelmingly came through ports of entry like Ellis Island. They were interviewed, given medical exams, quarantined if needed, and otherwise processed and granted entry in an orderly and legal way of a sovereign nation. They didn’t sneak across a border or get smuggled in by criminals. The entire lie the Left is trying to push is hypocritically and falsely trying to portray these criminals as the same immigrants that came to this country legally and were granted residency. Even today, immigrants from Asia, Africa, Europe, and elsewhere have to apply for visas and arrive in an official port of entry. They can’t sneak across a border.

  35. This is encouraging…NOW SAN DIEGO STAND-UP AND DO it , TOO! DEPORT these ILLEGALS!


  37. CA conservatives are finally making their voices heard…

  38. Henry Schook says:

    it’s already too late except for the rich california will be a s%$ white celebs feel they are far above the comming chaos

  39. “Love your neighbor as yourself,” said one citizen. “It does not say love your neighbor if that person holds citizenship in your country.”

    Where in that statement does it say, “let the illegal invade your country”?

  40. May God bless you and protect you from the autocratic leftists in Sacramento.

  41. Time for Americans to boycott Mexico. Stop traveling to Mexico or purchasing anything made or grown in Mexico. In just a few months, Mexico would have a change of attitude. Please join me in this effort.

  42. Why did the white liberals who destroyed California flee to other states to destroy them as well (MN & CO)??

  43. Too little too late. California is lost.

  44. Now if someone would just start shooting and killing libturds at will… that would be great !!!

  45. Well The illegal aliens can get back to their own country if they do not like our city’s actions.
    Most work on jobs as gardeners, cleaners and other jobs that do not pay taxes, yet, we are supposed to pay for services that they do not deserve and care for the kids and their education.
    I say “deport them NOW”