HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBSLA) — Another Orange County city is joining the fight against sanctuary city status.

The Huntington Beach City Council voted 6 to 1 to sue the state over SB 54 — the Senate bill that would protect undocumented immigrants by limiting the cooperation between local police and ICE agents.

More than 100 people were at the meeting to tell the council they wanted to join the Orange County lawsuit, just days after Los Alamitos became the first city in Orange County to leave their sanctuary city status behind.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher could barely be heard over the hecklers.

“I am very proud of the USA,” said Rohrabacher. “I would suggest that those who advocate for sanctuary states are betraying the American people.”

Some argued fighting its sanctuary status will waste Huntington Beach city money in legal battles, while others argued it goes against the Golden Rule.

“Love your neighbor as yourself,” said one citizen. “It does not say love your neighbor if that person holds citizenship in your country.”

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  1. Now if someone would just start shooting and killing libturds at will… that would be great !!!

  2. Well The illegal aliens can get back to their own country if they do not like our city’s actions.
    Most work on jobs as gardeners, cleaners and other jobs that do not pay taxes, yet, we are supposed to pay for services that they do not deserve and care for the kids and their education.
    I say “deport them NOW”

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