(CBSNews.com) — Uber will not renew its permit to test self-driving vehicles on California public roads when it expires Saturday. The ride-hailing service has halted tests of autonomous vehicles in a number of locations after a fatal crash in Tempe, Arizona, earlier this month.

“We proactively suspended our self-driving operations, including in California, immediately following the Tempe incident,” an Uber spokesperson said in a statement. “Given this, we decided to not reapply for a California permit with the understanding that our self-driving vehicles would not operate in the state in the immediate future.”

In a letter to Uber on Tuesday, California’s Department of Motor Vehicles confirmed that the company will lose testing privileges after Saturday. If Uber wants to return, it will need a new permit and has to address investigations into the Tempe crash, the DMV said.

On March 18, an Uber autonomous SUV struck and killed a pedestrian near Phoenix. Arizona’s governor suspended Uber’s self-driving privileges Monday.

Uber decided last week to suspend tests on public roads in California, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Ontario.

  1. It is very unfortunate that a woman was killed by an autonomous vehicle. The truth, is that it is illegal to jaywalk; therefore, she is at least partly responsible for her demise. If a vehicle, with a driver, struck and killed a jaywalking pedestrian, and then immediately stopped at the scene and waited, did not hit and run, the driver would not be charged with a crime. Famous people have also been killed exercising this kind of error. Fame will not protect you. There vehicles will greatly reduce accidents, but probably will not eliminate them. Computers will not become tired and fall asleep (as I did, on a mountainous road. I was very lucky that while my vehicle was destroyed, I walked away. I do not recommend this!). These vehicles can use radar and other forward looking devices which are superior to human drivers, especially under low visibility conditions. There will always be room for improvement. Accidents may still occur, due to equipment malfunction, including the driving equipment, unless there is redundancy, lack of maintenance. and debris on the road or bad road conditions which can not be avoided. Will these vehicles be programmed to sense black ice (possibly!) and then pull over to the side of the road and refuse to drive any more until road conditions improve? Or, may a drive disable this provision, and proceed under unsafe conditions? Drunk driving is responsible for many deaths. An inebriated person, who uses a self driving car, is much safer. To recap: self driving vehicles will result in moch safer travel

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