Screengrab of Olympia Beer website

STUDIO CITY (CBSLA) — The maker of your favorite, cheap hipster brew is being sued for false advertising.

Brendan Peacock of Sacramento has sued Pabst Brewing Co., maker of Pabst Blue Ribbon, over what he says are false claims about the provenance of the water used in Olympia Beer, another one of its properties.

The company uses “It’s the Water” as Olympia’s slogan, saying the beer is made with “pure mountain water” on its website.

Peacock’s lawsuit claims, “It is unclear where the water is actually from,” adding the “company falsely implies that the beer comes from artesian spring water in Tumwater, Wash., when, in fact, the company brews Olympia in the San Gabriel Valley city of Irwindale,” the Sacramento Bee reported.

The lawsuit goes on to say the water utility that serves parts of Irwindale uses chlorine in its water and that the nearby water supply “has been contaminated by industrial solvents in the past,” according to the paper.

Peacock, described in the lawsuit as “a beer, and craft beer, consumer,” claims he was “deceived” by the beer’s advertising.

The Bee also reports Peacock has in the past sued San Francisco-based 21st Amendment Brewery for falsely claiming all its beer was made in the Bay Area, when some is actually made in Minnesota.

Peacock has also sued a guacamole maker. That lawsuit was dismissed.

  1. I have been claiming that “Olympia Beer is no longer living by it’s slogan “It’s the Water” since they closed the brewery in 1985