oaks mall Man Fatally Shoots Ex Wife At Thousand Oaks Mall In Attempted Murder Suicide

Report of shots fired at The Oaks mall in Thousand Oaks, March 17, 2018

THOUSAND OAKS (CBSLA) – A female employee of a store at a Thousand Oaks mall is dead after her ex-husband shot her and attempted to shoot himself.

Sometime before 2:30 p.m., Ventura County Sheriff’s deputies responded to The Oaks Mall, located at 350 W Hillcrest Dr., for reports of gunshots.

The 30 year-old-woman was working at the Paper Source stationary store when her ex-husband entered the store, began arguing with her and fatally shot her.

The 33-year-old then attempted to kill himself with the gun but failed. He was taken to a local hospital with a gunshot wound.



Family members who were at different locations in the mall when the shooting happened had tearful reunions when the chaos subsided.

“We were stuck in a different store. We split up, so it was just hard not being with her,” said shopper Sherry Samuels with tears in her eyes after she found her daughter nearly two hours later.

“I didn’t see the actual shooter, but I just saw, like, four shots — I heard four shots,” said teen Aman Sehra.

“Then everyone started pushing each other down the stairs to run, and then people were screaming ‘gunshots. So my dad grabbed me and ran into Vans,” his brother Shawn said.

Some who were in the mall hid and waited until it was safe to come out.

Mall employee Stephanie Fallon sat in a closet for almost two hours.

“I was able to kind of look up some articles, then every few minutes, see if there were any updates,” said Fallon.

The man was listed in critical condition Saturday evening.

The couple had children who were not present at the shooting.

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  1. It was surreal, I met a friend for lunch, but instead we went for a walk to the outdoor part on the second floor. Just as we stepped outside the glass doors, we heard 3 loud blasts from the Paper Source shop, we were stunned for a second. I thought the mall was undergoing a remodel hence the loud noise, then I heard two more blasts and a mass of people began a stampede in all directions, a girl’s shoe slipped across like a sling shot passing me as she fled into the maternity store in front of us, she cried loudly: ” He has a gun!!”.
    Immediately a flash back from the Las Vegas shooting, began bombarding my mind, I thought some maniac decided to have his fun and take as many down as he could, so I ran to the rear of the Destination Maternity store looking for a hiding place. The manager of the store took me and four other ladies into the security room, however my friend did not make it, she panicked and hid in a corner of the store.
    At first it seemed as a nightmare, I could not accept the reality, it could not happen to me!
    There in the confinement of the tight room, the store manager, two employees, a pregnant lady, a shivering young girl shared the ordeal sobbing, while we hid. Calls were made to 911 andwe waited what seemed to be an eternity.
    Kate the young girl was in shock saying: My shoe, my shoe, I lost my shoe! I said: ” You lost a shoe but you saved your life, you will be fine, just breathe, so I hugged her tight, she then started balling bitterly and she used my cell phone to call her parents, but no answer.
    I held her as a parent would hold a frightened child and she began to tell me that she witnessed the whole tragedy.
    Kate, the young girl began to work at the Paper Source Store in December 2017. She knew the shooter well, he had previously come in the store. (she said he was her manager’s ex-husband and that the couple had 2 boys and one is a young toddler…but on Saturday the man walked into the Paper Source store and confronted the ex wife (Kate’s manager) there was yelling and shouting, when Kate turned her head to look, the man pulled a gun from his pocket and aimed it to her manager, Kate fled the scene fast screaming “He has a gun!” and entered the Destination Maternity.
    I was lucky to find my friend still crouching against a wall inside the store, she was pale as a ghost. I knew she was safe, we kept texting while in hiding, but now we are a mental case.
    By the way I saw the wounded man carried out in a stretcher; his head shaved displayed a gruesome wound to left frontal bone, like an ax had cut and split the head, no dripping blood…nevertheless a horrific mess.

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