FONTANA (CBSLA) — A 3-month-old kitten who survived being put in a freezer and thrown off a balcony is now safe at home with a famous foster mom.

Olive was rescued after a man was seen assaulting the kitten on Feb. 2 in Fontana. Lucio Lopez, 34, was arrested after police say he put the kitten in his freezer, squeezed her body, then threw her off a second-story balcony.

Olive suffered major injuries to her chest and a fractured leg. Lopez was apparently upset the kitten got into his apartment, police said.

After reading about Olive in People Magazine, Beth Stern – who worked as an actress before becoming an author of animal-centric books and the wife of shock jock Howard Stern – felt she had to jump into action and contacted Fontana Animal Services.

Stern is a volunteer, foster parent and national spokeswoman for North Shore Animal League America. She flew to California over the weekend to rescue Olive.

“When I read about Olive I felt physically ill and knew I had to do something to help,” Stern said in a statement.

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  1. God forbid the Inland Valley Humane Society 20 minutes away in Pomona should have been allowed to do it’s job. No, Bethy has to pretend only she has the means necessary to take care of a kitten. And while you are at it Beth, stop referring to the kittens as nuggets or to Howard as the cat’s foster dad. Do you have any idea how insulting that is to his 3 daughters who actually are his children? How about we talk about your own father, the disgraced Dr. Bob Ostrosky; DDS who is a convicted felon for insurance fraud back in Fox Chapel, PA?

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