POMONA (CBSLA) — The man suspected of killing one Pomona police officer and wounding another during a shooting Friday night has an extensive record and had previously served time in state prison for firing a gun in a school zone, according to the Pomona Police Department.

Police say they had encountered 38-year-old Isaias De Jesus Valencia prior to Friday night’s shooting, in which Valencia shot and killed 30-year-old Pomona Police Officer Greggory Casillas and wounded Pomona Police Officer Alex Nguyen.

Nguyen, who was shot in the jaw, was released from the hospital Monday and is now home recovering.

Sheriff’s deputies as well as community members continued to pay their respects to the fallen officer Monday at a growing memorial in Pomona.

Casillas was sworn in as a Pomona police officer six months. He was on his last night of in-field training when he was killed by Valencia, police said.

Pomona police say Valencia had been arrested at least twice over the last several years. Valencia is expected to be in court on Wednesday.

Funeral services for Officer Casillas have yet to be arranged.

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  1. Gene Rey says:

    Kalifornia liberals!

  2. “Isaias De Jesus Valencia.” It’s always those darned Amish.

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