TOLUCA LAKE (CBSLA) — A vulgar word is on display next door for Isabel Unruh’s three children to see.

She says it was put up last week after ongoing disputes with her Toluca Lake neighbor. Before that, another curse word was posted in the neighbor’s front yard, and a nasty phrase with the middle finger that can be seen off the Unruhs’ balcony.

“Is this acceptable?” Unruh asked. “No, this is crazy.”

She says she and her neighbor haven’t gotten along for a while after their nearly two years of construction on their new home.

She admits they’ve made nose working late into the night, and the Los Angeles Police Department says they’ve been called multiple times from both sides. They have restraining orders against each another and will be in court later this month to have a judge decide what happens next.

Security video shows an altercation between Unruh’s husband and the neighbor. Both men said the other was at fault.

The neighbor didn’t want to talk on camera but said the signs are a protest against the Unruhs’ behavior toward them. And he has a right to have them on his property.

In this  area, some neighbors say the signs and constant police activity is a disruption.

“Every week, there’s about four cop cars out here, people yelling at each other back and forth,” neighbor Chris Lee said.

Unruh says they don’t want to argue, and they don’t want to move. But she does want her children to be able to play outside in peace.

“The kids are affected, so please put down the signs, that’s all; I beg him,” Unruh said. “I don’t want to fight.”


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