LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A tradition that has withstood the test of time continues early Sunday morning as we spring forward for daylight saving time.

While many people see daylight saving time as irritating and unnecessary, doctors say it can also be dangerous.

“Daylight saving time is like jet lag,” said director of UCLA’s Sleep Disorders Center Dr. Alon Avidan. He says even losing just an hour of sleep can effect some people.

“Their memory is not as good,” Dr. Avidan said to CBS2’s Jo Kwon. “They’re not able to react to things as fast as when they get proper sleep.”

He says that’s what explains the uptick in traffic accidents the Monday after we spring forward.

State Assemblyman Kansen Chu is so opposed to the tradition, he introduced a bill to let voters decide the fate of daylight saving time.

This is his second attempt to get it passed. The current bill is in the state Senate.

However, doctors say that while spring forward continues to stick around, people should prepare a couple days in advance.

“Go to sleep 20 minutes earlier,” said Dr. Avidan. “Wake up 20 minutes earlier.” Dr. Avidan also suggested avoiding screens such as phones, computers and televisions before bed.


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