LONG BEACH (CBSLA) — CBSLA’s Stacey Butler reports Wednesday night that Long Beach police are confirming that a suspect involved in a standoff in downtown Long Beach died in a local hospital.

The police standoff near Long Beach City Hall ended Wednesday evening with the suspect taken into custody by Long Beach PD with the help of a police dog. The incident was described by Long Beach PD as an officer-involved shooting with the suspect transported to a local hospital by Long Beach Fire.

Police shot the gunman after he threatened to blow up the Glenn M. Anderson Federal Building and refused for two hours to drop what appeared to be a gun he held in his right hand.

Police say they fired non-lethal rounds but when he didn’t respond they say they fired bullets.

Stu Mundel reported from overhead in Sky2 that the “tense” standoff was on Ocean Boulevard near Chestnut.

The incident started earlier Wednesday afternoon when the man’s wife called 911 saying that her husband was acting erratic, had a gun and was threatening to blow up the Federal Building.

The man’s wife gave a description of a white van. Long Beach PD saw the vehicle very close to the city hall building.

When they approached that person apparently he did have a gun and then threats were made and then the standoff started.

Police are not releasing the name of the suspect but the registration for the van from Oregon comes back to a man named Donald McFarland. He has an extensive criminal history in Washington and Oregon. It is unclear why he chose downtown Long Beach for the standoff.

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  1. This act was a murder. Anyone who watches this video couldn’t possibly come to a different conclusion. I worked with Don Macfarlane for five years. This guy was the kindest sweetest guy and would do anything for anyone. He was deeply depressed because he lost his children to the system because his ex-wife is a crazy psycho and has lied and lied and lied about him. She convinced everyone including child services that he was a danger. She would inflict herself with wounds and then tell them that he did it. She is the one that called 911 and said that he was going to bomb the federal building and had bombs all over in his house and in the van. You tell me if they would have opened fire knowing full well they were bombs in the van. This man was murdered. He was holding a pellet gun. Why he hung onto that gun I have no idea. Maybe he didn’t want to be around anymore because he was so depressed. This is a crime scene. This man was point-blank murdered. And the criminals have the bulletproof vest ons and hid behind their armor. This man was not a threat to anyone. And the video shows that completely. What a sad sad sad world we live in when the good guys are the bad guys.

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