PASADENA (CBSLA) — Pasadena could potentially restripe a major road to reduce the number of traffic lanes. The proposal would also add a bike lane but keep the parking around along a portion of Orange Grove Boulevard.

As CBSLA’s Jo Kwon reports, some locals are into the so-called road diet and others not so much.

Orange Grove Boulevard has two lanes in each direction now. But the city has proposed as a part of a gas-tax-paid resurfacing project to also restripe it to include only one lane in each direction, plus a turn lane in the middle. A bike lane would also be added. Street parking would stick around.

“I think that would be awesome, actually,” said Joanna Smithson, who walks to work along Orange Grove Boulevard. “Cut down on some of the congestion.”

Tina Tate drives on Orange Grove Boulevard “every day” and isn’t a fan of the proposal.

“Ooh, I think that’s a bad idea. We are already congested,” said Tate.

The city has planned two meetings later this month to get public opinion about the plan that would only effect Orange Grove between Lake and Sierra Madre Villa. Officials say the nearly three-mile eastern portion of the road has more homes but is used by fewer cars compared to west of Lake.

The city says 12,000 to 14,000 cars a day use the eastern portion of Orange Grove Boulevard. But if you head west, the number go up to 23,000.

But the Pasadena Transportation Advisory Commissions’s Greg Gunther says “it would be nice if the project extended further down” west to Lincoln.

“That is an area where there is a tremendous amount of pedestrian activity,” said Gunther.

He also claims state data shows the area west of Lake has had more speed-related crashes.

“The speed is a big problem,” said Smithson.

Smithson says she thinks the changes could force drivers to slow down.

“Even though it says walk, people are really quick to make that turn,” Smithson said. “So you really have to, even if it says walk, you have to look both ways before you make the cross.”

Tate says taking away driving lanes will make an already jam-packed street even worse.

“I think that would be tragic for all of us,” said Tate.

Comments (2)
  1. Reducing Traffic lanes does not reduce the number of cars. None of the Dept. of Transportation’s studies can explain where these cars will go, they act as if they simply disappear. This plan defies all logic. The cars will either bottleneck down the road or will divert to smaller adjacent residential streets, especially in the age of Waze. This is actually a lot more dangerous for everyone – cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers. Let the larger roads handle the traffic they were meant to handle. Create a complete bike lanes path east and west, north and south across the smaller streets where the majority of cyclists I know already prefer to bike.

  2. Joe Yobaccio says:

    @Sabrina Kaleta, you are right and this same plan has failed in multiple LA Cities and been reversed in some of those after massive driving jams and the cars diverted into residential neighborhoods, which then caused safety concerns there. Also, Temple City did the hearing thing and we brought up the same argument as you, but there is matching government funds for this and those City Managers are pushing fraudulent traffic studies. So, the tax payors in those cities have had to pay to undo the damage and businesses that lost business, never got paid back. The logic, as you clearly pointed out, is not there and so I insist that something more sinister is going on. I write this in hopes you or others will call out the City Manager on presenting a misleading report that mimics the reports in Temple City and all the other Cities. You should find out if the traffic studies were all independent or done by the same company.

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