HUNTINGTON BEACH (CBSLA) — Cellphone video of a woman telling a Long Beach couple, “You need to go back to your home country,” has gone viral, and the woman’s employer has issued a statement condemning the comments.

“I want you to tell everybody why you told us to go back to our country,” Tony Kao can be heard saying before Tarin Olson affirms his remark as she walks away.

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The video was shot last week as the couple was on a walk with their infant on a residential street in Long Beach.

Kao can also be heard saying he and his wife were born and raised in the United States.

CBS2 News spoke to Olson, a counselor at Golden West College, at her home Sunday, though she refused to give an on-camera interview.

She did tell CBS2 that her students know she is not a racist.

A statement from Olson read, “I feel my perspective will be twisted if discussing the skewed video which cut out part of the incident.[…] If you would like to have a full normal interview about the displacement of European-Americans then I gladly am available to enlighten the public.”

Golden West College, located in Huntington Beach, issued the following statement on its Facebook page:

“It has recently come to our attention that there was a video posted on Facebook of a GWC faculty member making comments that the College does not condone or support. Golden West College believes in an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students.”

Kao followed up his initial post by thanking the community for its support in the face of the shocking comments.

“First, I wanted to express our sadness of experiencing racism first-hand with our baby who was exposed to this at such a young age in public and in broad daylight,” Kao wrote on his Facebook page.

The message continued, “Second, we wanted to express our surprise that this type of racism can exist in Long Beach of all places.”

The sentiment was echoed by Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia.

“I mean, this country is a country of immigrants and of diversity, and this city is a very diverse, beautiful place I think people love and feel very comfortable in,” Garcia told CBS2 News. “So, I never want any families to feel like they’re not welcome here; we’re welcoming of everybody,” said the mayor.

CBS2 spoke to several Long Beach residents who felt the same way.

“My reaction, especially in this city, is it’s appalling,” one woman said. “Long Beach is known for its diversification. We’re accepting of all cultures, and for anybody to say that to begin with is horrific.”

One man blamed a person “at the top.”

“It’s what’s happening out there,” Ray Sebastian. “I think it starts at the top, as far as who’s at the top. So I think it’s part of today’s landscape. I mean, it’s sad, but it’s true.”

Kao posted a another update Sunday, saying he had “NO intention of besmirching the offender’s personal life or career.” He asked the public not to foster more hatred, saying, “there’s enough of those feelings in this world.”

CBS2 spoke to Golden West College, who said they were aware of the video and that they were handling it internally, since it is a personnel matter.

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  1. Victoria Hu says:

    The school needs to take action. There is no way a professor with her racist views should be allowed in any institution.

    1. It’s a publicly funded school, and she was ‘off the clock’. Legally, they probably CAN’T do anything to her.

      1. good, it is none of your boss’s business what you do in your personal life. That of course doesn’t stop nosy employers, but when that employer is the government, it is not just improper, it is illegal. No matter if it is your race, religious practices, political views, or sex life, if you work for the government, you ought to be protected from intrusion.

      2. Yes, the employing agency can discipline her, including termination of employment. Case law = if an employee’s speech harms the agency’s relationship with the community that it serves, the employee can be subject to discipline. All rights are limited, even government employees’ free speech rights.

    2. I hope the college makes the difficult decision to fire this woman. I know she feels she is not racist but the fact still remains that she had this kind of interaction with anyone of a different culture and unfortunately the line has to be drawn in the sand as to what is appropriate behavior and what is not. She is a professional and is subject to having to adhere to a certain level of professionalism because of the kind of position she holds. They have to hold her to a higher standard and if in that moment she made a misjudgment in her interaction then she needs to understand the cost of that action is termination.

  2. Let’s see if Donald Trump will pay for her legal fees when she gets fired. Cause she’s going to get fired. Why these people continue to say things with cameras all over the dang place is simply unbelievable.

    1. What a stupid, disrespectful comment.

  3. Yep it’s racism and evil when whites want to
    Express concern over European Americans
    Being dispossession of America!
    By 2025 whites for first time in American
    History will be a racial minority. US census.

    America was / is the land of immigrants, but
    Mostly European immigrants. Why would any
    1st world nation want to allow immigrants
    From 3td world nations , who have in centuries
    Never been able to lift themselves above 3rd
    World status? Or take in 3td world citizens who
    Allow their nation to wallow in poverty and
    Misery century after century?
    Why would we want our nation to have a
    Majority of these people? Or rather majority
    Of iimmigrants from prosperous and
    Stable nations from European continent?
    It’s a no brainer!

    1. You’re worried about white people becoming a minority? Why, are minorities treated poorly or something?

    2. Robert Mathews is worried about karma. Worrying about it doesn’t stop it. The sins of your ancestors will visit you nd your descendants. Is time to pay Mathews. karma is coming and not AR-15 or militia can save you from it. It eats your insides and only drugs can relieve it. Opiates to be exact. drop like flies white men, drop like flies.

    3. That’s not exactly the truth.
      Actually what you’ve stated is an outright lie.
      If you tell the whole truth,those people who never lifted themselves out of third world status, were kept down by the intervention of white people.
      Whites who came to their countries and STOLE their wealth.
      Whites who came to their countries and STOLE their land.
      Polluted their environment, beat them and subjugated their people
      Then to add Insult to injury they were told to lift themselves out of the poverty created for them.
      America is no better p, black were forbidden to go to school.
      Forbidden to learn to read or write, then they were told they were stupid.
      History tells a much different story to the narrative you give.

    4. Robert Wong says:

      Huh? What? South Korea, Japan, India, Taiwan, and China haven’t lifted themselves above 3rd world status? China has the 2nd largest economy, and is set to overtake the U.S. by 2032. You need to rethink your statement.

  4. And Robert Mathews you are as much of a racist as the woman in the video. So what if whites are a minority? Perhaps you don’t like the idea of being treated like you’ve treated others? White Europeans have a history of imperialism and theft of resources that has systematically prevented other nations from rising above 3rd world status. It’s happened in Africa, India, Latin
    America, etc. You’re right – it’s a no brainer i.e. you’d have to have no brains to believe such nonsense.

  5. Daniel Moran says:

    I would suggest that Professor Olson — and everyone else — watch this 1947 short film. It’s 71 years old, and only 4 minutes long, but it says it all:

  6. To say what she said to total strangers displays a degree of racism incompatible with teaching in a public setting. How can an American with a minority background trust that her evaluations of their performance are fair and objective? It’s unfair to ask a multicultural community like ours to pay her salary when her public comments indicate she hates us based solely on how we look.

    1. That makes you just like her. Hate is hate.

  7. Jerry Waters says:

    At the minimum, she’s unfit for a publicly funded college. She should be let go & suck whatever she wants privately. My tax money won’t go to support this kind of idiotic behavior at a community college. Her comments after the incident were more disturbing. Hard to believe this kind of a person would be hired to teach counseling since 1991. She may have a double life? Something strange is going on about this lady.

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