Message threatening a shooting at Hemet High School that was found in a school bathroom. The note said the shooting would happen Wednesday, Feb. 28.

HEMET (CBSLA) — School administrators and police in Riverside County are on high alert after a message in a high school bathroom was found that said a shooting would occur on campus Wednesday.

“Hemet High will be shot up on 2-28 by a sophomore girl[…] the first on my list is Dr. Shaw[…] Don’t be in my way,” the message scrawled on a bathroom tile read.

“I thought like somebody was just trying to be dumb, make a joke about the school shooting that happened in Florida[…] I don’t think it’s a very funny thing to do,” Hemet High student Michael Barsz told CBS2 News.

Administrators and deputies with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Dept. immediately began investigating the threat and ultimately determined it wasn’t credible. Still, they alerted parents, telling them there will be more law enforcement on campus Wednesday.

“They’re really good about going off and having security at the gates, having teachers up front greeting the students every day. So, that helps a lot,” said parent Melanie Lee.

“It makes me feel more safe because I know there’s going to be more security,” said student Calistra Hawkins.

A social media post raised concerns at nearby Tahquitz High School Monday, though no problems were reported there.

The school’s principal was called out in the message, prompting her response.

“Being directly mentioned is, of course, unsettling. However, my focus is to ensure the safety of my students and staff,” Dr. Emily Shaw said in a statement.

She’s asking students, staff and community members to report any suspicious activity they might observe.

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  1. “Not credible” ?? This person is allowed to make a terrorist threat against a school and the citizens of its community, and we are suppose to believe it was not credible. Who decides that? Psychologist, teachers, law enforcement, who? I will not send my child to a school with a terorist running around. Has this terrorist been caught? How do I believe my child is safe when this country is not handling these matters as they should be, as terroist acts.

    1. Yes The 16 year old was booked into a detention center. I feel that every threat should be treated as credible.

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