SUN VALLEY (CBSLA) — Southern California has 25 of the 100 highest-rated restaurants on Yelp in this year’s rankings.

CBSLA’s Jeff Nguyen visited some of the local dining establishments that made the list, including the top-rated restaurant in the nation — TKB Bakery and Deli in Indio.

786 Degrees Pizza sits in an unassuming shopping center in Sun Valley. It’s number 17 on Yelp’s Top 100 places to eat for 2018 — in the entire country.

First-time customer Moises Hernandez says he found it with the digital taste maker that’s a favorite among millennials.

“I just jumped on Yelp. I put ‘nearest restaurant’. And we came across this place,” said Hernandez.

The centerpiece is an Italian wood-burning oven made from volcanic rocks.

The exotic toppings include chorizo, truffles and lamb. Cheese and pepperoni aren’t encouraged here.

“Really want to travel around the world, that’s when you come to us and guarantee we’ll blow your mind away,” said Chef Ali Haider of 786 Degrees.

Melina Sippel and her brothers grew up in the business their parents started — TKB Bakery and Deli.

The second generation owners say social media is an important part of what they do.

“I always respond to everybody. Very quick to respond if a customer complains or has anything to say,” said Sippel. “I’m so quick to fix the problem and take care of that customer.”

Back at 786 Degrees, longtime customer Xavier Corral brought his brother Paul in for the first time.

“We had five different pizzas and we enjoyed all of them,” said Paul Corral.

“I found it on Yelp. After a few bites, I was hooked,” said Xavier Corral.

Haider says he’s not tech savvy.

He made Yelp’s list for the first time — the old fashion way.

“It’s just word of mouth,” said Haider. “People got to know each other and they keep on getting others in.”


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