NORTHRIDGE (CBSLA) — “Run, hide, fight”: Those are the keys to survival in an active shooter situation, according to a video released last month across the California State University system.

As CBSLA’s Tom Wait reports, the clip offers some obvious pointers, but also lays out some vital advice some of us may not think about.

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“If it sounds like a gun or even firecrackers, consider that it may be an attack,” the video states.

“I think it’s important,” said Cal State Northridge student Cynthia Campana.

Campana says she thinks the video could actually help students — it could even save lives.

“Main thing is, don’t look for confirmation. If you have a gut feeling go with it,” said Campana.

The video emphasizes running toward any exit. Don’t look behind you. Mass shooters don’t typically chase. If you can’t escape the campus, know a good hiding place.

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“Shooters don’t waste time exploring rooms that don’t look occupied, trying to knock down locked doors,” the video says.

“Bringing awareness to it. It’s happening more often,” said Cal State Northridge student Fernarndo Mojica.

The most horrifying and final option may be confronting the shooter, but it may be your only choice.

“You have surprise on your side. The attacker is not expecting armed resistance until police arrive. This is your advantage,” the video states.

Bottom line — the clip emphasizes that all students have to be prepared.

“Like it said, it’s unlikely to happen, small chance, but it could happen,” said Mojica.

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The entire video, which was released in January, is available on YouTube.