OCEANSIDE (CBSLA) — Two Oceanside drivers may face charges after engaging in an apparent road rage incident that resulted in a rollover crash on State Route 78, according to California Highway Patrol.

The confrontation happened Thursday at around 4:30 p.m. near College Boulevard, CBS8 reported, referencing CHP.

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The incident, which was caught on camera by a driver situated just behind the two cars, involved a gray Ford Escape and a gray BMW convertible.

(WARNING: The following video contains profanity. Viewer discretion is advised.)

(Credit: Jeniffer Dianne)

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In the video, the driver of the BMW can be seen walking up to the driver’s side window of the Ford Escape. The driver of the Ford then proceeded to roll down his window.

While it is unclear what the drivers said to each other, before walking back toward his vehicle, the driver of the BMW spit at the driver in the Ford Escape.

The driver of the Ford then veered to the left into the center median and accelerated toward the BMW.

In the video, the Ford can be seen just barely missing the BMW’s driver. However, it sideswiped the BMW, causing car to flip onto its left side.

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The BMW fled the scene following the incident.