CBS Local — A resort in the Bahamas is looking for a new CFO. For Baha Mar that doesn’t stand for chief financial officer; they’re searching for a “chief flamingo officer.”

The new Caribbean vacation destination has started a global search for a qualified bird lover to watch over and take care of the resort’s flock of flamingos. While the lucky candidate will likely be staying in the 1,000-acre resort’s employee housing area, the national bird of the Bahamas is getting first-class treatment in Baha Mar’s Flamingo Mansion. The cozy pad is described as “an expansive indoor, outdoor, aquatic and dry habitat designed to house the Bahamian birds,” according to a press release about the job search.

A job in the Bahamas, staying in a $4.2 billion resort, and just having to take care of a flock of pretty Caribbean birds. It may sound like a dream job everyone will want to run and apply for, but there’s a catch.

Baha Mar is looking for one lucky person with “a degree in Zoology or related field… alongside ample knowledge working in the care of exotic animals, specifically bird species, at an accredited professional environment.” The job posting also wants their new flamingo guru to know how to take care of the bird’s new mansion and make sure they don’t lose their famous pink color.

If you still think you’ve got the resume to land the chief flamingo officer position, the resort is taking applications on their website until Feb. 28.