LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — A Corona woman who got a second shot at life when her 2003 murder conviction was reversed in 2016 could be back behind bars if an appellate court rules against her.

Kimberly Long was released from prison nearly two years ago after serving more than seven years in jail for being convicted of killing her boyfriend, Oswaldo Conde.

It was later determined by a judge that Long’s original lawyer was inadequate and the evidence pointing to her innocence was credible, leading to Long’s conviction being overturned.

According to the Riverside County D.A.’s office, an appellate court has said it plans to reverse the judge’s decision and the district attorney wants the 42-year-old back in custody prior to a new trial.

Despite the prosecutor’s request to re-arrest Long, the judge decided she should remain free.

This will be the third time Long goes to trial.

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  1. KImberly Long is innocent and should remain free from all of this. Thank God for the CIP! She did not kill Ozzie and why didnt the Corona police ever look for the real killer? Ozzie’s family needs toknow the truth and see the face of the real person who did this. Its not KIM. Do your job and go after the person who really did this. They probably live in Orange county.