TORRANCE (CBSLA) — The victim of a paintball attack is sharing his story.

The 65-year-old may never regain full sight after being shot in the face.

He and his family sat down with CBS2 reporter Randy Paige on Wednesday afternoon to describe what they’re going through.

“It happened so fast. Excruciating pain. Then anger. Then just confusion from there,” said Michael Fejes.

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“It’s been rough on us,” said Michael’s wife Marcela. “To watch him go through so much pain is heartbreaking. And to hear my husband say that they were laughing as they hit him in the eye, like it was a joke. It’s not a joke.”

Under arrest are Tyler Walters, 20, of Torrance; Lynn Johnson, 20, of Hawthorne; and Gabriella Semana, 18, of Lomita. All three were taken into custody on suspicion of mayhem, assault with a deadly weapon, great bodily injury and conspiracy.

“They think it’s a prank. A harmless prank. Obviously it’s not a harmless prank,” said Fejes. “I’ve done paintball. It’s a lot of fun. And to the paintball world out there, they should not suffer because of a couple idiots.”

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Daughter Christina was close to tears when she said that she called her dad just by chance after the attack.

“I was actually dialing 911,” Fejes said through tears. “And she called and I hung up on 911. Told her I just got shot.”

Physical and emotional wounds inflicted on an entire family.


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