COMPTON (CBSLA) — A car crashed into a shoe store in Compton Saturday night, injuring a couple of shoppers.

The crash occurred at the Shoe City store near the corner of Long Beach Boulevard and Rosecrans Avenue.

When the car pushed its way 30 feet inside Shoe City, taking out a metal pole, a front window, and a display case, the manager says she heard the tremendous crash.

“I hear first like an explosion,” said Kathy Flores, manager of Shoe City.

Flores though it came from outside, not realizing her store was now the de facto parking lot. Until she saw the destruction and two customers thrown to the floor, including one man, she says, thrust from his wheelchair.

Flores says her co-worker was pressed behind the crushed register desk — terrified but OK

The driver was not hurt and deputies say the two customers were taken to local hospitals with minor injuries.

“I see only a little bit of blood on the one in the wheelchair, he was out of the wheelchair, the other was in the aisle,” said Flores.

Flores says nine people were inside. The others ran when the car came crashing in at about five minutes before 6.

Deputies say the car’s driver told them there was a mechanical malfunction. They say they found no evidence of drugs or alcohol and are treating this as a non-criminal car collision.

“It was scary, yeah,” said Flores.


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