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By Mario McKellop

While crime rates have gone down in the state of California, the same cannot be said of Los Angeles County. The Los Angeles Times recently reported that from 2010 to 2016, the crime rate in LA County went up by 5 percent. In that same period, property-related crime went up by 4 percent while violent crime went up 9 percent. Given this recent uptick in criminal activity, Angelinos concerned with protecting themselves, their families and their property should consider investing in a quality security screen door.

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What are security screen doors?

Security screen doors resemble regular screen doors but are extremely intruder resistant. They also provide homeowners with an extra layer of security without marring their exterior views. Security doors can be made to fit any style or size without compromising their structural integrity. Constructed with Tensile-Tuff stainless steel mesh and a 3-point hinge system, Crimsafe Security Screen Doors sold by  Wynstan USA cannot be cut, kicked in or pried loose.

The benefits of security screen doors

The main benefit of security screen doors is that they allow homeowners to feel safe without making them feel trapped. As opposed to unsightly burglar bars, they make living spaces feel like jail cells. These doors allow fresh air and sunlight in while keeping insects and intruders out.

Crimsafe Security Screen Doors, which are made of 304 Grade Stainless Steel, offer a uniquely high standard of protection. One of its key features is the ability to withstand repeated dynamic impact. A 189-pound man can easily exert over 100 Joules of force with a single kick, punch or charge. University studies found that Crimsafe’s screens can withstand initially impacts in excess of 500 Joules.

They are also highly effective against edged weapons. Crimsafe’s Tensile-Tuff stainless steel mesh can withstand a knife attack using a heavy duty weapon with the force of 350 newtons (N) and constant downward pressure of 150N. Similarly, Crimsafe doors are designed to resist leveraged attacks using up to 450N, meaning thieves won’t be able to get into tier home by attacking its hinging and fastening points.

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Crimsafe’s screen doors also offer a degree of protection against adverse weather conditions and brush fires. In 2017, Los Angeles County was battered with debris-scattering winds ranging from 40 to 90 mph. By utilizing Tensile-Tuff mesh and a unique screw – clamp system, Crimsafe’s screen doors can stand up to projectiles and debris from wind gusts up to 244 mph.

And as Crimsafe’s screens are made with apertures that keep out objects as small as 2mm in diameter, they can help protect your home from the embers cast off from the kinds of brush fires that devastated LA County in 2017.

Why you should invest in a Crimsafe Security Screen Door

While there are many security screen doors on the market, Crimsafe doors offer a superior degree of protection. Their screens are made of high grade 0.035-inch thick stainless mesh, which is 26.5% thicker at the cross-section than industry standard. And since they’re coated with corrosion-resistant additives that give them an approximated 65-year lifespan, they will last the life of your home.

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